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From Enis Söztutar <enis....@gmail.com>
Subject [VOTE] Second release candidate for HBase 1.0.1 (RC1) is available. Please vote by April 16 2015
Date Fri, 10 Apr 2015 22:51:21 GMT
I am pleased to announce that the second release candidate for the release
(HBase-1.0.1RC1), is available for download at

 Maven artifacts are also available in the temporary repository

Signed with my code signing key E964B5FF. Can be found here:

 Signed tag in the repository can be found here:

HBase 1.0.1 is the next “patch” release in the 1.0.x release line and
supersedes 1.0.0.
According to the HBase’s semantic version guide (See [1]), the release
candidate is
source and binary compatible with 1.0.0 for client applications and server
side libraries
(coprocessors, filters, etc).

Binary / source compatibility report with 1.0.0 can be reached here:

1.0.1 release contains 109 fixes on top of 1.0.0 release. Most of
the changes are
bug fixes except for the following:

[HBASE-13002] - Make encryption cipher configurable
[HBASE-13044] - Configuration option for disabling coprocessor loading
[HBASE-13054] - Provide more tracing information for locking/latching
[HBASE-13059] - Set executable bit for scripts in dev-support
[HBASE-13086] - Show ZK root node on Master WebUI
[HBASE-13109] - Make better SEEK vs SKIP decisions during scanning
[HBASE-13120] - Allow disabling hadoop classpath and native library lookup
[HBASE-13132] - Improve RemoveColumn action debug message
[HBASE-13162] - Add capability for cleaning hbase acls to hbase cleanup
[HBASE-13168] - Backport HBASE-12590 "A solution for data skew in
HBase-Mapreduce Job"
[HBASE-13183] - Make ZK tickTime configurable in standalone HBase
 [HBASE-13342] - Fix incorrect interface annotations
 [HBASE-12869] - Add a REST API implementation of the ClusterManager
[HBASE-13380] - Cherry pick the HBASE-12808 compatibility checker tool back
to 0.98+

Full list of the issues can be found at:

This release (1.0.1) is source, wire and binary compatible with 1.0.0
release. Client
applications does not have to be recompiled with the new version (unless
new API is used)
if upgrading from 1.0.0. It is a drop-in replacement.

See release notes for 1.0.0 [2] for compatibility with earlier
versions (0.94, 0.96, 0.98).
Compatibility of 1.0.1 with earlier versions is the same as in 1.0.0.

Source Compatibility:
Client side code in HBase-1.0.x is (mostly) source compatible with 0.98.x
 versions. Some minor API changes might be needed from the client side.

Wire Compatibility:
HBase-1.0.x release is wire compatible with 0.98.x releases. Clients and
 servers running in different versions as long as new features are not used
 should be possible.
A rolling upgrade from 0.98.x clusters to 1.0.x is supported as well.
Rolling upgrade from 0.96 directly to 1.0.x is not supported.
1.0.x is NOT wire compatible with earlier releases (0.94, etc).

Binary Compatibility:
Binary compatibility at the Java API layer with earlier versions (0.98.x,
0.96.x and 0.94.x) is not supported. You may have to recompile your client
code and any server side code (coprocessors, filters etc) referring to
hbase jars.

Other Compatibility issues:
 - [HBASE-13289 <https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HBASE-13289>] - typo
in splitSuccessCount metric
 - [HBASE-13275] - Setting hbase.security.authorization to false does not
disable authorization
 - [HBASE-13362] - Set max result size from client only (like scanner

This release is rolling upgradable from 1.0.0 release.

See [2] and [3] for upgrade instructions from earlier versions. Upgrading
to 1.0.1 is similar
to upgrading to 1.0.0 as documented in [3].

>From 0.98.x : Upgrade from 0.98.x in regular upgrade or rolling upgrade
is supported.

>From 0.96.x : Upgrade from 0.96.x is supported with a shutdown and restart
the cluster.

>From 0.94.x : Upgrade from 0.94.x is supported similar to upgrade from
 0.94 -> 0.96. The upgrade script should be run to rewrite cluster level
See [3] for details.

Supported Hadoop versions
1.0.x releases support only Hadoop-2.x. Hadoop-2.4.x, Hadoop-2.5.x
and Hadoop-2.6.x
releases are the most tested hadoop releases and we recommend running with
versions (or later versions). Earlier Hadoop-2 based releases (hadoop-2.2.x
and 2.3.x)
are not tested to the full extend. More information can be found at [4].

Supported Java versions
1.0.x releases only support JDK7. JDK8 support is experimental. More
information can be
found at [5].

Please try to test and vote on this release by April 16 2015 11:59PM PDT.

[] +1 Release the artifacts as 1.0.1
[] -1 DO NOT release the artifacts as 1.0.1, because...

 [1] https://hbase.apache.org/book/upgrading.html#hbase.versioning
[2] http://s.apache.org/hbase-1.0.0-release-notes
[3] https://hbase.apache.org/book/upgrade1.0.html#upgrade1.0.changes
[4] https://hbase.apache.org/book/configuration.html#hadoop
[5] https://hbase.apache.org/book/configuration.html#java

Thanks all who worked on this release!

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