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From Andrew Purtell <apurt...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] HBase 0.98.9 is now available for download
Date Wed, 24 Dec 2014 19:27:29 GMT
Apache HBase 0.98.9 is now available for download. Get it from an Apache
mirror [1] or Maven repository.

The list of changes in this release can be found in the release notes [2]
or following this announcement.

Thanks to all who contributed to this release.

The HBase Dev Team

1. http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/hbase/
2. http://s.apache.org/FoK

Enhance delete_snapshot.rb to call snapshot deletion API with regex
HBASE-10560 Per cell TTLs
HBASE-11099 Two situations where we could open a region with smaller
sequence number
HBASE-11979 Compaction progress reporting is wrong
HBASE-11992 Backport HBASE-11367 (Pluggable replication endpoint) to 0.98
HBASE-12053 SecurityBulkLoadEndPoint set 777 permission on input data files
HBASE-12163 Move test annotation classes to the same package as in master
HBASE-12277 Refactor bulkLoad methods in AccessController to its own
HBASE-12337 Import tool fails with NullPointerException if clusterIds is
not initialized
HBASE-12346 Scan's default auths behavior under Visibility labels
HBASE-12348 preModifyColumn and preDeleteColumn in AC denies user to
perform its operation though it has required rights
HBASE-12373 Provide a command to list visibility labels
HBASE-12383 Move 0.98 build to surefire 2.18
HBASE-12398 Region isn't assigned in an extreme race condition
HBASE-12411 Optionally enable p-reads and private readers for compactions
HBASE-12431 Use of getColumnLatestCell(byte[], int, int, byte[], int, int)
is Not Thread Safe
HBASE-12449 Use the max timestamp of current or old cell's timestamp in
HBASE-12454 Setting didPerformCompaction early in HRegion#compact
HBASE-12464 meta table region assignment stuck in the FAILED_OPEN state due
to region server not fully ready to serve
HBASE-12467 Master joins cluster but never completes initialization
HBASE-12472 Improve debuggability of IntegrationTestBulkLoad
HBASE-12479 Backport HBASE-11689 (Track meta in transition) to 0.98 and
HBASE-12491 TableMapReduceUtil.findContainingJar() NPE
HBASE-12493 User class should provide a way to re-use existing token
HBASE-12496 A blockedRequestsCount metric
HBASE-12513 Graceful stop script does not restore the balancer state
HBASE-12517 Several HConstant members are assignable
HBASE-12529 Use ThreadLocalRandom for RandomQueueBalancer
HBASE-12533 staging directories are not deleted after secure bulk load
HBASE-12537 HBase should log the remote host on replication error
HBASE-12539 HFileLinkCleaner logs are uselessly noisy
HBASE-12549 Fix TestAssignmentManagerOnCluster#testAssignRacingWithSSH()
flaky test
HBASE-12550 Check all storefiles are referenced before splitting
HBASE-12551 Backport HBASE-10955 'HBCK leaves the region in masters
in-memory RegionStates if region hdfs dir is lost' to 0.98
HBASE-12560 [WINDOWS] Append the classpath from Hadoop to HBase classpath
in bin/hbase.cmd
HBASE-12573 Backport HBASE-10591 Sanity check table configuration in
HBASE-12575 Sanity check table coprocessor classes are loadable
HBASE-12580 Zookeeper instantiated even though we might not need it in the
HBASE-12582 Backport HBASE-10881 'Support reverse scan in thrift2' to 0.98
HBASE-12583 Allow creating reference files even the split row not lies in
the storefile range if required
HBASE-12604 Backport HBASE-12128 (Cache configuration and RpcController
selection for Table in Connection) to 0.98
HBASE-12606 Sanity check encryption configuration before opening WAL or
onlining regions
HBASE-12614 Potentially unclosed StoreFile(s) in DefaultCompactor#compact()
HBASE-12616 We lost the IntegrationTestBigLinkedList COMMANDS in recent
usage refactoring
HBASE-12618 Add 'Namespace' to headers while displaying user permissions.
HBASE-12619 Backport HBASE-11639 (Replicate the visibility of Cells as
strings) to 0.98
HBASE-12622 user_permission should require global admin to display global
and ns permissions
HBASE-12624 Remove rename_snapshot.rb from code as there is no equivalent
renameSnapshot api in Admin class
HBASE-12631 Backport HBASE-12576 (Add metrics for rolling the HLog if there
are too few DNs in the write pipeline) to 0.98
HBASE-12632 ThrottledInputStream/ExportSnapshot does not throttle
HBASE-12634  Fix the AccessController#requireGlobalPermission(ns) with NS
HBASE-12635 Delete acl notify znode of table after the table is deleted
HBASE-12639 Backport HBASE-12565 Race condition in HRegion.batchMutate()
causes partial data to be written when region closes
HBASE-12642 LoadIncrementalHFiles does not throw exception after hitting
hbase.bulkload.retries.number setting
HBASE-12647 Truncate table should work with C as well
HBASE-12659 Replace the method calls to grant and revoke in shell scripts
with AccessControlClient
HBASE-12666 TestAssignmentManager hanging; add timeouts
HBASE-12676 Fix the misleading ASCII art in IntegrationTestBigLinkedList
HBASE-12678 HBCK should print command line arguments
HBASE-12683 Compilation with hadoop-2.7.0-SNAPSHOT is broken
HBASE-12685 TestSplitLogManager#testLogFilesAreArchived sometimes times out
due to race condition
HBASE-12686 Failures in split before PONR not clearing the daughter regions
from regions in transition during rollback
HBASE-12692 NPE from SnapshotManager#stop
HBASE-12696 Possible NPE in HRegionFileSystem#splitStoreFile when
skipStoreFileRangeCheck in splitPolicy return true

Best regards,

   - Andy

Problems worthy of attack prove their worth by hitting back. - Piet Hein
(via Tom White)

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