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From Alex Newman <posi...@gmail.com>
Subject I wonder if it makes sense to restrict the HBase build to one build per jenkins host
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2014 20:28:49 GMT
I have noticed that HBase tests can cause a good deal of inherent test
interference. We have had much better luck running one and only one
set of the tests at a time. I notice that this currently is not
happening. I don't have any rights on jenkins, so perhaps someone else
could give this a shot. I'd be glad to describe how do it. Another
option would be to run the build from within a container (We do this
at WanDISCO). Finally I got the build running on travis ci.  Checkout
https://github.com/OhmData/hbase-public/tree/travis for an example of
how to get this done.

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