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From Andrew Purtell <apurt...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] HBase 0.98.3 is now available for download
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2014 17:54:42 GMT
Apache HBase 0.98.3 is now available for download.  Get it at your nearest
Apache mirror [1] or Maven repository.

The list of changes in this release can be found in the release notes [2]
or following this announcement.

Thanks to all who contributed to this release.

The HBase Dev Team

1. http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/hbase/
2. http://s.apache.org/U7s

HBASE-6990 Pretty print TTL
HBASE-9445 Snapshots should create column family dirs for empty regions
HBASE-9857 Blockcache prefetch option
HBASE-10417 index is not incremented in PutSortReducer#reduce()
HBASE-10561 Forward port: HBASE-10212 New rpc metric: number of active
HBASE-10692 The Multi TableMap job don't support the security HBase cluster
HBASE-10831 IntegrationTestIngestWithACL is not setting up LoadTestTool
HBASE-11048 Support setting custom priority per client RPC
HBASE-11090 Backport HBASE-11083 ExportSnapshot should provide capability
to limit bandwidth consumption
HBASE-11096 stop method of Master and RegionServer coprocessor  is not
HBASE-11104 IntegrationTestImportTsv#testRunFromOutputCommitter misses
credential initialization
HBASE-11117 [AccessController] checkAndPut/Delete hook should check only
Read permission
HBASE-11119 Update ExportSnapShot to optionally not use a tmp file on
external file system
HBASE-11128 Add -target option to ExportSnapshot to export with a different
HBASE-11133 Add an option to skip snapshot verification after Export
HBASE-11134 Add a -list-snapshots option to SnapshotInfo
HBASE-11137 Add mapred.TableSnapshotInputFormat
HBASE-11143 Improve replication metrics
HBASE-11149 Wire encryption is broken
HBASE-11161 Provide example of POJO encoding with protobuf
HBASE-11166 Categorize tests in hbase-prefix-tree module
HBASE-11168 [docs] Remove references to RowLocks in post 0.96 docs.
HBASE-11169 nit: fix incorrect javadoc in OrderedBytes about BlobVar and
HBASE-11189 Subprocedure should be marked as complete upon failure
HBASE-11200 AsyncWriter of FSHLog might throw ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
HBASE-11209 Increase the default value for
hbase.hregion.memstore.block.multipler from 2 to 4
HBASE-11211 LoadTestTool option for specifying number of regions per server
HBASE-11212 Fix increment index in KeyValueSortReducer
HBASE-11217 Race between SplitLogManager task creation + TimeoutMonitor
HBASE-11219 HRegionServer#createRegionLoad() should reuse
RegionLoad.Builder instance when called in a loop
HBASE-11220 Add listeners to ServerManager and AssignmentManager
HBASE-11226 Document and increase the default value for
HBASE-11227 Mention 8- and 16-bit fixed-with encodings in OrderedBytes
HBASE-11234 FastDiffDeltaEncoder#getFirstKeyInBlock returns wrong result
HBASE-11237 Bulk load initiated by user other than hbase fails
HBASE-11251 LoadTestTool should grant READ permission for the users that
are given READ access for specific cells
HBASE-11253 IntegrationTestWithCellVisibilityLoadAndVerify failing since
HBASE-11255 Negative request num in region load
HBASE-11259 Compression.java different compressions load system classpath
differently causing errors
HBASE-11267 Dynamic metrics2 metrics may consume large amount of heap memory
HBASE-11272 Backport HBASE-11218 (Data loss in HBase standalone mode) to
HBASE-11275 [AccessController] postCreateTable hook fails when another CP
creates table on their startup
HBASE-11277 RPCServer threads can wedge under high load

Best regards,

   - Andy

Problems worthy of attack prove their worth by hitting back. - Piet Hein
(via Tom White)

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