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From Eric Charles <e...@apache.org>
Subject HMaster acts as HRegionServer when run on a single node
Date Sat, 03 May 2014 12:14:35 GMT

A few (3?) months ago, trunk was still acting the classical way in case
of a single HBase node relying on HDFS (see config in [1]), meaning that
both HMaster and HRegionServer were needed (clearly visible via ps -ef
or jps).

Today, it seems that the HMaster acts also as HRegionServer.
HBase works fine with a single process and launching a region server
returns a "java.net.BindException: Address already in use", which
confirms that HMaster now also serves the HRegion ports.

For the Web UI, I was used to go by default to http://localhost:60010
for the master and http://localhost:60030 Now I need to go to
http://localhost:16010 which returns a 302 HTTP Response redirecting me
to http://localhost:16030/rs-status showing the

I can find where the default ports were changed [2].

Apart from that, the HBase console works fine and the HBase files are
created in HDFS.

Is this the expected behavior? Can someone point me to those recent
changes (JIRA, mailing list...)?

I want to double check as I am now working on HBASE-10336 "Remove
deprecated usage of Hadoop HttpServer in InfoServer", I first want to
assess the normal behavior before testing the changes.





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