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From lars hofhansl <la...@apache.org>
Subject [VOTE] The 1st hbase 0.94.19 release candidate is available for download
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2014 02:49:26 GMT
The 1st 0.94.19 RC is available for download at http://people.apache.org/~larsh/hbase-0.94.19-rc0/
Signed with my code signing key: C7CFE328

HBase 0.94.19 is a bug fix release with 29 bug and test fixes:
    [HBASE-10118] - Major compact keeps deletes with future timestamps
    [HBASE-10312] - Flooding the cluster with administrative actions leads to collapse
    [HBASE-10533] - commands.rb is giving wrong error messages on exceptions
    [HBASE-10766] - SnapshotCleaner allows to delete referenced files
    [HBASE-10805] - Speed up KeyValueHeap.next() a bit
    [HBASE-10807] - -ROOT- still stale in table.jsp if it moved
    [HBASE-10845] - Memstore snapshot size isn't updated in DefaultMemStore#rollback()
    [HBASE-10847] - 0.94: drop non-secure builds, make security the default
    [HBASE-10848] - Filter SingleColumnValueFilter combined with NullComparator does not
    [HBASE-10966] - RowCounter misinterprets column names that have colons in their qualifier
    [HBASE-10991] - Port HBASE-10639 'Unload script displays wrong counts (off by one)
when unloading regions' to 0.94
    [HBASE-11003] - ExportSnapshot is using the wrong fs when staging dir is not in fs.defaultFS
    [HBASE-11030] - HBaseTestingUtility.getMiniHBaseCluster should be able to return null
    [HBASE-10921] - Port HBASE-10323 'Auto detect data block encoding in HFileOutputFormat'
to 0.94 / 0.96

    [HBASE-10782] - Hadoop2 MR tests fail occasionally because of mapreduce.jobhistory.address
is no set in job conf
    [HBASE-10969] - TestDistributedLogSplitting fails frequently in 0.94.
    [HBASE-10982] - TestZKProcedure.testMultiCohortWithMemberTimeoutDuringPrepare fails
frequently in 0.94
    [HBASE-10987] - Increase timeout in TestZKLeaderManager.testLeaderSelection
    [HBASE-10988] - Properly wait for server in TestThriftServerCmdLine
    [HBASE-10989] - TestAccessController needs better timeout
    [HBASE-10996] - TestTableSnapshotInputFormatScan fails frequently on 0.94
    [HBASE-11010] - TestChangingEncoding is unnecessarily slow
    [HBASE-11017] - TestHRegionBusyWait.testWritesWhileScanning fails frequently in 0.94
    [HBASE-11022] - Increase timeout for TestHBaseFsck.testSplitDaughtersNotInMeta
    [HBASE-11024] - TestSecureLoadIncrementalHFilesSplitRecovery should wait longer for
ACL table
    [HBASE-11029] - Increase wait in TestSplitTransactionOnCluster.split
    [HBASE-11037] - Race condition in TestZKBasedOpenCloseRegion
    [HBASE-11040] - TestAccessController, TestAccessControllerFilter, and TestTablePermissions
need to wait longer to ACL table
    [HBASE-11042] - TestForceCacheImportantBlocks OOMs occasionally in 0.94

Notable is HBASE-10847, which drops non-secure builds and make security the default. From
here on there is only one release build of HBase 0.94.

The list of changes is also available here: https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/ReleaseNote.jspa?projectId=12310753&version=12326287

Here're the jenkins runs for this RC: https://builds.apache.org/job/HBase-0.94.19/18/

Please try out the RC, check out the doc, take it for a spin, etc, and vote +1/-1 by EOD April
27th on whether we should release this as 0.94.19.


-- Lars

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