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From Michael Segel <michael_se...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: Purpose of versions in HBase...
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2013 23:17:03 GMT
I believe there's a bit more to it... 

Which is why I am asking.

As to #3... What happens to a column when you put a tombstone marker on it? 

On Dec 9, 2013, at 11:56 AM, Sergey Shelukhin <sergey@hortonworks.com> wrote:

> I suspect the honest answer would be "because BigTable paper had it" :P
> There are several aspects to cell versioning (I may be missing some).
> First (not the most important), due to the way HBase stores things
> (write-once files), it comes very cheaply - very little runtime cost, and
> not so much code needs to be written to have it.
> Second, internally, versioning allows for snapshot isolation (within a
> server) to work - with multiple versions present, scanners can read all
> ones to get a consistent view (that's MVCC).
> Third, user-visible, timestamp-based cell versioning is there so that users
> could control the order of things (e.g. delete all cells before...), either
> thru fabricated timestamps, or using external timestamps, e.g. from
> external logs. In fact, with current HBase implementation of auto-ts (there
> are JIRAs to fix it), that's the only "bulletproof" way to use HBase;
> internal HBase versioning relies on server clocks, which is fraught with
> peril (granted, most systems will rarely hit this problems, and may be ok
> with some reordering anyway).
> Fourth, multi-versions as such could be used for some application specific
> scenarios, Percolator paper is a good example.
> On Sun, Dec 8, 2013 at 9:35 AM, Michael Segel <msegel_hadoop@hotmail.com>wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In a different thread, we were discussing good and better schema designs.
>> In order to really understand why one should or should not do something,
>> its kind of important to understand the underlying reasons why HBase was
>> designed the way it was.
>> So since we have a bunch of committers here, and cc'ing the Dev list,
>> I'd like to explore why does HBase have cell versioning. What's its
>> purpose.  How is it implemented. and Why.
>> This may seem a bit esoteric, but it would go a long way in educating many
>> of the users on the hbase mailing list.
>> Also it may be a good couple of paragraphs to add to the online
>> reference...
>> -Mike
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