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From Stack <st...@duboce.net>
Subject ANN: The first hbase-0.96-1 release candidate is available for download
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2013 00:48:52 GMT
The first hbase-0.96.1 release candidate is available for download:


The staged mvn artifacts can be found here:


127 issues [1] have been fixed since 0.96.0, mostly performance improvement
and bug fixes.  See below for the full list.

Shall we release this as hbase-0.96.1?  Please vote by December 3rd.

Your HBase Team

1. http://goo.gl/ZgYBW2

Issues fixed in this RC:

HBASE-8143 HBase on Hadoop 2 with local short circuit reads (ssr) causes OOM
HBASE-10015 Replace intrinsic locking with explicit locks in StoreScanner
HBASE-10026 HBaseAdmin#createTable could fail if region splits too fast
HBASE-10024 Add an interface to create put with immutable arrays
HBASE-8465 Auto-drop rollback snapshot for snapshot restore
HBASE-10011 Fix some findbugs in the client
HBASE-9865 Reused WALEdits in replication may cause RegionServers to go OOM
HBASE-9890 MR jobs are not working if started by a delegated user
HBASE-9975 Not starting ReplicationSink when using custom implementation
for the ReplicationSink.
HBASE-9831 hbasefsck.numthreads' property isn't passed to hbck via cmdline
-D option
HBASE-9963 Remove the ReentrantReadWriteLock in the MemStore
HBASE-9956 Remove keyLength cache from KeyValue
HBASE-9165 HBASE-8084 Improvements to addDependencyJars
HBASE-8084 Improvements to addDependencyJars
HBASE-9138 getHaseIntegrationTestingUtility() is misspelled
HBASE-9970 HBase BulkLoad, table is creating with the timestamp key also as
a column to the table.
HBASE-9952 Snapshot restore may fail due to NullPointerException
HBASE-9906 Restore snapshot fails to restore the meta edits sporadically
HBASE-8438 Extend bin/hbase to print a "mapreduce classpath"
HBASE-9915 Performance: isSeeked() in EncodedScannerV2 always returns false
HBASE-8556 fix coverage org.apache.hadoop.hbase.metrics.histogram
HBASE-9872 ModifyTable does not modify the attributes of a newly
modified/changed ColumnDescriptor
HBASE-8559 increase unit-test coverage of package
HBASE-8543 fix coverage org.apache.hadoop.hbase.rest.client
HBASE-9902 Region Server is starting normally even if clock skew is more
than default 30 seconds(or any configured). -> Regionserver node time is
greater than master node time
HBASE-9849 [REST] Forbidden schema delete in read only mode
HBASE-8552 fix coverage org.apache.hadoop.hbase.rest.filter
HBASE-9850 Issues with UI for table compact/split operation completion.
After split/compaction operation using UI, the page is not automatically
redirecting back using IE8/Firefox.
HBASE-4654 [replication] Add a check to make sure we don't replicate to
HBASE-10022 Fix the HE_EQUALS_USE_HASHCODE warning under
HBASE-9976 Don't create duplicated TableName objects
HBASE-9992 [hbck] Refactor so that arbitrary -D cmdline options are included
HBASE-5945 Reduce buffer copies in IPC server response path
HBASE-9322 Contention on the SoftValueSortedMap with multiple clients
HBASE-10007 PerformanceEvaluation: Add sampling and latency collection to
randomRead test
HBASE-9989 Add a test on get in TestClientNoCluster
HBASE-10014 HRegion#doMiniBatchMutation rollbacks the memstore even if
there is nothing to rollback.
HBASE-10013 Enhance the message about ZK when there is an exception
HBASE-10001 Add a coprocessor to help testing the performances without
taking into account the i/o
HBASE-10012 Hide ServerName constructor
HBASE-9961 [WINDOWS] Multicast should bind to local address
HBASE-9893 Incorrect assert condition in OrderedBytes decoding
HBASE-9998 Fix javadoc warnings induced by commits
HBASE-9959 Remove some array copy - server side
HBASE-9988 DOn't use HRI#getEncodedName in the client
HBASE-9995 Not stopping ReplicationSink when using custom implementation
for the ReplicationSink
HBASE-9924 Avoid potential filename conflict in region_mover.rb
HBASE-9982 TestClientNoCluster should use random numbers
HBASE-9973 [ACL]: Users with 'Admin' ACL permission will lose permissions
after upgrade to 0.96.x from 0.94.x or 0.92.x
HBASE-9987 Remove some synchronisation points in HConnectionManager
HBASE-9985 Add HBase shell command to start/stop tracing
HBASE-9983 Lower the memory footprint of HRegionLocation
HBASE-9869 Optimize HConnectionManager#getCachedLocation
HBASE-9954 Incorporate HTTPS support for HBase
HBASE-9908 [WINDOWS] Fix filesystem / classloader related unit tests
HBASE-9112 Custom TableInputFormat in initTableMapperJob throws
ClassNoFoundException on TableMapper
HBASE-9947 Add CM action for online compression algorithm change
HBASE-9958 Remove some array copy, change lock scope in locateRegion
HBASE-9880 client.TestAsyncProcess.testWithNoClearOnFail broke on 0.96 by
HBASE-9810 Global memstore size will be calculated wrongly if replaying
recovered edits throws exception
HBASE-9907 HBASE-9775 Rig to fake a cluster so can profile client behaviors
HBASE-9870 HFileDataBlockEncoderImpl#diskToCacheFormat uses wrong format
HBASE-9757 Reenable fast region move in SlowDeterministicMonkey
HBASE-9710 Use the region name, not the encoded name, when region is not on
current server
HBASE-9926 Scanner doesn't check if a region is available
HBASE-9918 MasterAddressTracker & ZKNamespaceManager ZK listeners are
missed after master recovery
HBASE-9917 HBASE-9775 Fix it so Default Connection Pool does not spin up
max threads even when not needed
HBASE-9895 0.96 Import utility can't import an exported file from 0.94
HBASE-9957 [WINDOWS] TestNamespaceUpgrade fails on windows
HBASE-9885 Avoid some Result creation in protobuf conversions
HBASE-9563 Autorestart doesn't work if zkcleaner fails
HBASE-9792 Region states should update last assignments when a region is
HBASE-9813 Log splitting doesn't prevent RS creating new hlog file
HBASE-9900 Fix unintended byte[].toString in AccessController
HBASE-9909 TestHFilePerformance should not be a unit test, but a tool
HBASE-9737 Corrupt HFile cause resource leak leading to Region Server OOM
HBASE-9751 Excessive readpoints checks in StoreFileScanner
HBASE-9716 LoadTestTool should provide default min and max settings to the
data generator
HBASE-7600 TestAdmin.testCreateBadTables is failing occasionally
HBASE-9807 block encoder unnecessarily copies the key for each reseek
HBASE-9753 Excessive readpoint checks in MemstoreScanner
HBASE-9745 HBASE_CLASSPATH to end of Java classpath and use another env var
for prefix
HBASE-9851 TestHBaseFsck.testQuarantineMissingHFile is flaky
HBASE-9747 PrefixFilter with OR condition gives wrong results
HBASE-9727 HBase Rest Server - DELETE scanner operation is a no-op
HBASE-9221 Provide interface for getting a User in the client
HBASE-9886 Optimize ServerName#compareTo
HBASE-9837 HBASE-9080 'Retain assignment should be used when re-enabling
HBASE-9901 Add a toString in HTable, fix a log in AssignmentManager
HBASE-9855 evictBlocksByHfileName improvement for bucket cache
HBASE-9836 Intermittent
HBASE-9859 Canary Shouldn't go off if the table being read from is disabled
HBASE-9867 Save on array copies with a subclass of LiteralByteString
HBASE-9868 Remove some array copy, especially around protobuf
HBASE-9871 PB issue : Increment attributes are not getting passed to server
HBASE-9593 Region server left in online servers list forever if it went
down after registering to master and before creating ephemeral node
HBASE-9862 manage error per server and per region in the protobuffed client
HBASE-9861 Location does not have to be refreshed on regionTooBusy
HBASE-9659 some integration tests can no longer be run using maven
HBASE-9822 IntegrationTestLazyCfLoading failed occasionally in a secure
HBASE-9843 Various fixes in client code
HBASE-9750 Add retries around Action server stop/start
HBASE-9759 Prevent random number collision in IntegrationTestBulkLoad
HBASE-9848 Make regionserver Canary exit with different exit codes
HBASE-9765 TestImportTsv.testBulkOutputWithTsvImporterTextMapper() may not
be working correctly
HBASE-7525 A canary monitoring program specifically for regionserver
HBASE-9748 HBASE-9696
HBASE-9827 Intermittent TestLogRollingNoCluster#testContendedLogRolling
HBASE-9785 Fix heap size reporting in HRegion
HBASE-9821 Scanner id could collide
HBASE-9694 HBaseTestingUtility.createTable infinite loop
HBASE-9772 Normalize new client default values
HBASE-9768 Two issues in AsyncProcess
HBASE-9784 Switch to Hadoop-2.2
HBASE-9793 Offline a region before it's closed could cause double assignment
HBASE-9798 Include dependency hamcrest-core
HBASE-9796 npe in RegionServerCallable
HBASE-9776 Test Load And Verify Fails with TableNotEnabledException
HBASE-9788 [WINDOWS] Update rest server class name
HBASE-9755 Cannot run classes in hbase-server tests jar from command line
HBASE-9791 MR initializes scanner twice
HBASE-9773 Master aborted when hbck asked the master to assign a region
that was already online
occasionally times out
HBASE-9771 [WebUI] Humanize store and blockcache statistics on RS
HBASE-9570 With AccessDeniedException, HBase shell would be better to just
display the error message to be user friendly
HBASE-9758 Log missing rows and their regions if ITBLL fails
HBASE-9692 TestOrderedBytes doesn't display the arrays correctly

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