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From lars hofhansl <la...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] HBase 0.94.11 is available for download
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2013 00:06:17 GMT
The HBase Team is pleased to announce the immediate release of HBase 0.94.11.
Download it from your favorite Apache mirror [1]. This release has also been pushed to Apache's
maven repository.

As before, all previous 0.92.x and 0.94.x releases can upgraded to 0.94.11 via a rolling upgrade
without downtime, intermediary versions can be skipped.

0.94.11 is the current stable release of HBase. It fixes the following 39 issues:
    [HBASE-8779] - Add mutateRow method support to Thrift2
    [HBASE-8946] - Add a new function to Thrift 2 to open scanner, get results and close
    [HBASE-8947] - Thrift 2 : Replace "bool writeToWAL" with "TDurability durability"
    [HBASE-8948] - Bound table pool size in Thrift 2 server
    [HBASE-6826] - [WINDOWS] TestFromClientSide failures
    [HBASE-8067] - TestHFileArchiving.testArchiveOnTableDelete sometimes fails
    [HBASE-8670] - [0.94] Backport HBASE-8449,HBASE-8204 and HBASE-8699 to 0.94 (Refactor
recoverLease retries and pauses)
    [HBASE-8698] - potential thread creation in MetaScanner.metaScan
    [HBASE-8935] - IntegrationTestBigLinkedList fails under load on 0.94 due to some scan
issues - add logging
    [HBASE-8949] - hbase.mapreduce.hfileoutputformat.blocksize should configure with blocksize
of a table
    [HBASE-9026] - RestartRsHoldingRoot action in org.apache.hadoop.hbase.util.ChaosMonkey
restarting the server holding .META. instead of -ROOT-
    [HBASE-9032] - Result.getBytes() returns null if backed by KeyValue array
    [HBASE-9048] - HCM throws NullPointerException under load
    [HBASE-9050] - HBaseClient#call could hang
    [HBASE-9060] - ExportSnapshot job fails if target path contains percentage character
    [HBASE-9079] - FilterList getNextKeyHint skips rows that should be included in the
    [HBASE-9080] - Retain assignment should be used when re-enabling table(s)
    [HBASE-9085] - Integration Tests fails because of bug in teardown phase where the cluster
state is not being restored properly.
    [HBASE-9087] - Handlers being blocked during reads
    [HBASE-9097] - Set HBASE_CLASSPATH before rest of the classpath
    [HBASE-9115] - HTableInterface.append operation may overwrites values
    [HBASE-9120] - ClassFinder logs errors that are not
    [HBASE-9146] - TestHTablePool hangs when run as part of runMediumTests profile
    [HBASE-9158] - Serious bug in cyclic replication
    [HBASE-9189] - IncreasingToUpperBoundRegionSplitPolicy.shouldSplit() should check all
the stores before returning.
    [HBASE-9200] - HFilePrettyPrinter finds incorrect largest row
    [HBASE-6580] - Deprecate HTablePool in favor of HConnection.getTable(...)
    [HBASE-8995] - Add hadoop-1.2 profile
    [HBASE-9019] - Port HBASE-8690: Reduce unnecessary getFileStatus hdfs calls in TTL
hfile and hlog cleanners to 0.94
    [HBASE-9029] - Backport HBASE-8706 Some improvement in snapshot to 0.94
    [HBASE-9132] - Use table dir modtime to avoid scanning table dir to check cached table
descriptor in 0.94
    [HBASE-9139] - Independent timeout configuration for rpc channel between cluster nodes
    [HBASE-7826] - Improve Hbase Thrift v1 to return results in sorted order
    [HBASE-8663] - a HBase Shell command to list the tables replicated from current cluster
    [HBASE-8816] - Add support of loading multiple tables into LoadTestTool
    [HBASE-9075] - [0.94] Backport HBASE-5760 Unit tests should write only under /target
to 0.94
    [HBASE-9090] - cleanup snapshot tests setup/teardown code
    [HBASE-9106] - Do not fail TestAcidGuarantees for exceptions on table flush
    [HBASE-9107] - [0.94] Backport HBASE-6950 TestAcidGuarantees system test now flushes
too aggressively to 0.94

See also the full release notes [2].
Thanks to everybody who contributed to this release!

The HBase Team

1. http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/hbase/
2. https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/ReleaseNote.jspa?projectId=12310753&version=12324741
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