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From Vladimir Rodionov <vrodio...@carrieriq.com>
Subject does append delete all cell versions except the last one?
Date Mon, 22 Jul 2013 23:17:55 GMT
I am doing some tests of append operation (HTable.append(Append append)) and it seems that
if cell being appended has multiple versions , all except the last one get deleted. Is it
correct behavior or I am doing something wrong in my tests?

The test is simple. I have a row with 3 CF and 3 qualifiers in each CF and 10 versions (total
# KVs stored for row is 90). I test append on the row
(for each CF:Qualifier combination)

public void testAppend()
                int index = 2;

                LOG.error("Test append started. Testing "+index+" row");

                byte[] row = data.get(index).get(0).getRow();
                byte[] toAppend = "APPEND".getBytes();
                LOG.error(" Append row: "+ new String(row));

                // Get all data for the row
                Get get = createGet(row, null, null, null);
                Result result = tableA.get(get);
                List<KeyValue> ll = result.list();
               // Correct list size is 3 (total families)*3 (total columns) *10 (# versions)
   = 90

               assertEquals( 90, ll.size() );

               // Do append to All 3 * 3 = 9 cells in a row
                Append append = createAppend(row, Arrays.asList(FAMILIES), Arrays.asList(COLUMNS),
                Result r = tableA.append(append);

                ll = r.list();
                assertEquals( 9, ll.size() );

                // Check row again
                get = createGet(row, null, null, null);

                result = tableA.get(get);

                assertEquals (90, result.size()); // This assertion FAILS: actual size is


Best regards,
Vladimir Rodionov
Principal Platform Engineer
Carrier IQ, www.carrieriq.com
e-mail: vrodionov@carrieriq.com

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