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From Lars George <lars.geo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: All ok w/ thrift2 going away in trunk/0.95?
Date Tue, 07 May 2013 09:36:11 GMT
Hi Sergey,

Is there a JIRA for that? If not, would you be able to create one? Maybe even attach your



On May 7, 2013, at 11:08, Sergey Polzunov <spolzuno@ripe.net> wrote:

> There was a memory leak in hbase thrift2 server (cdh4.1.2 release).
> scannerMap in ThriftHBaseServiceHandler will grow indefinitely if the
> users forgot to close their scanners. So we added a few things:
> - the scanner will be removed when there are no results left
> - the scanner will be removed when (currentTime - latestAccessTime) >
> hbaseClientTimeout
> Cheers,
> Sergey
> On 5/7/13 10:41 AM, Lars George wrote:
>> Thanks Sergey for chiming in. I am looking into the state of Thrift2 right now, but
could you share with what you are referring to below, ie the fixes etc?
>> Anything you know is missing?
>> Thanks,
>> Lars 
>> On May 7, 2013, at 10:26, Sergey Polzunov <spolzuno@ripe.net> wrote:
>>> Hello
>>>   We're using thrift2 in production (with a few fixes in hbase thrift2
>>> server and a patch for HBASE-6073). So far it is a positive experience
>>> and we would like to have thrfit2 support in the next releases
>>> Thanks,
>>> Sergey
>>> On 4/24/13 9:53 PM, Stack wrote:
>>>> Thrift2 was supposed to be the future -- an API like the native java API
>>>> but it never got the support needed to make it a superset of thrift1.
>>>> Meantime folks are running thrift1 in production and patching it as they
>>>> need extra calls and fixes.
>>>> While we have two thrifts, thrift1 and thrift2, the latter of which we are
>>>> afraid to recommend because we do not know of any prod install, we sew
>>>> confusion ("Which should I use?",  "Doc only talks about 'thrift'?").
>>>> HBASE-8184 is a patch to remove thrift2 until it gets a sponsor who can
>>>> move it beyond thrift1 .  I already have a +1 to remove.  Will let the
>>>> issue stew a day or two in case objection to thrift2 going away.
>>>> St.Ack

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