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From Francis Liu <tof...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Namespace Delimiter
Date Thu, 09 May 2013 00:02:44 GMT
There shouldn't be any ambiguity. There's fully-qualified table names and there's table names.
 Table name constant changes were to make the names less funky. 

I like your suggestion since it simplifies migration. Though it seems we're kicking the can
down the road here. In a way we're avoiding the problem by specifying an internal delimiter
and adding extra complexity to prevent the user from using it. Having a way of specifying
a table fully qualified seems to be something fundamental and convenient, if we don't support
one now we'll have even more trouble in the future. Looking at the suggestions we can potentially
make migration painless by recognizing existing tables with "." as part of the default namespace
or automatically create namespaces for tables with dots in them. Neither requires renaming
tables. They only need to rename tables if they want to start organizing things into namespaces
which they will have to do in any scenario.


On May 8, 2013, at 1:27 PM, Elliott Clark wrote:

> With this solution there's no naming ambiguity.  There's no
> overloading table name to actually be two different things.  There's
> no need for users to rename their tables. Most code that is already
> written will still be source compatible.  No need to change table name
> constants or anything like that.

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