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From Stack <st...@duboce.net>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] Policy proposal for JIRAs opened for unit test failures without patches attached
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2012 19:26:25 GMT
On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 4:26 PM, Andrew Purtell <apurtell@apache.org> wrote:
> There has been a recent uptick in JIRAs opened for unit test failures
> without patches attached. Since these merely duplicate information readily
> available on our Jenkins, we should institute a policy of closing them as
> Invalid if a patch is not attached to the JIRA in a timely manner (within
> hours). Simply pointing out a failing test is not
> a consequential contribution. We should also update the How To Contribute
> documentation accordingly.

I can go either way.

On the one hand our JIRA has loads of issues opened against failing
tests that we need to clear up as now as either fixed, invalid, or
still pertinent.  Would be better if failing tests were just addressed
near immediately.

On the other hand, one day we'll be in a situation where we'll want to
look at tests that failed in the past but that are currently not
failing so it'd be good to keep record of the old test in JIRA.

I suppose I'd lean toward no special 'unit test' rule that precludes
creating issues for failing tests mostly because if a new user, it'd
be hard to explain the rule they'd be violating.

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