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From lars hofhansl <lhofha...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: HBase Developer's Pow-wow.
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2012 22:46:11 GMT
I'm back from the woods (and yes, I'm already reading the dev list, sigh) :)

I'll be back at work tomorrow, but I might have to tie some other knots first.Let's see.

I'd also be interested to join the talk about 2ndary indexing.

In addition I can talk a bit about
- the profiling I did, and maybe mention some (just 1 or 2 really) gotchas to avoid in the
- the additions to the coprocessor framework I added
- thoughts about backups (?)
- using iterator trees instead of scanners (although the relational DB world apparently has
become a bit skeptical) (?)

Let me know.

I won't have time to prepare much for this, though. So it would be an ad hoc discussion, maybe
with some white boarding.

-- Lars

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From: Jesse Yates <jesse.k.yates@gmail.com>
To: dev@hbase.apache.org
Sent: Sunday, September 9, 2012 3:11 PM
Subject: Re: HBase Developer's Pow-wow.

> We are missing fellas to lead a chat on process change ideas (How to
> have it so Jenkins is more blue than red; How do we enforce more rigor
> around what gets committer, etc.).  Anyone want to volunteer?  I'd
> volunteer LarsH since he was last to float these eternally recurring
> notions but I believe he will be up on Half Dome looking down on us
> when the meeting goes off.  Anyone else want to lead the discussion
> (Jon?  Andrew?)?

I thought Lars would be be back by the meetup, but lets get a second talker
on it too :)

Anyone want to lead a discussion on whats next?  Post 0.96?
> Anything else that folks want to talk about?

I think we talked about wanting to do secondary indexing as well, as least
what that means for HBase (and maybe some of the _how_ it would work too).


Jesse Yates

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