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From lin weijian <linweiji...@gmail.com>
Subject sty wrong with Get operation of hbase client
Date Sat, 25 Aug 2012 14:03:26 GMT
     I use hbase client 0.92.1 to get the row, but when Get add all the columns and qualifiers,
a filed (f:ts) is always return nothing.   If Get not add column mk or  ft , it works right.
Is it a bug?

The schema as follow:

    <table name="webpage">
        <family name="p" maxVersions="1"/> <!-- This can also have params like compression,
bloom filters -->
        <family name="f" maxVersions="1"/>
        <family name="s" maxVersions="1"/>
        <family name="il" maxVersions="1"/>
        <family name="ol" maxVersions="1"/>
        <family name="h" maxVersions="1"/>
        <family name="mtdt" maxVersions="1"/>
        <family name="mk" maxVersions="1"/>
        <family name="ft" maxVersions="1"/>
    <class table="webpage" keyClass="java.lang.String" name="org.apache.nutch.storage.WebPage">
        <!-- fetch fields                                       -->
        <field name="baseUrl" family="f" qualifier="bas"/>
        <field name="status" family="f" qualifier="st"/>
        <field name="prevFetchTime" family="f" qualifier="pts"/>
        <field name="fetchTime" family="f" qualifier="ts"/>
        <field name="fetchInterval" family="f" qualifier="fi"/>
        <field name="retriesSinceFetch" family="f" qualifier="rsf"/>
        <field name="reprUrl" family="f" qualifier="rpr"/>
        <field name="content" family="f" qualifier="cnt"/>
        <field name="contentType" family="f" qualifier="typ"/>
        <field name="protocolStatus" family="f" qualifier="prot"/>
        <field name="modifiedTime" family="f" qualifier="mod"/>
        <field name="pageType" family="f" qualifier="ptyp"/>
        <field name="level" family="f" qualifier="l"/>
        <field name="lastFetchInterval" family="f" qualifier="lfi"/>
        <field name="newsTime" family="f" qualifier="nts"/>
        <field name="findTime" family="f" qualifier="fts"/>
        <field name="title" family="p" qualifier="t"/>
        <field name="text" family="p" qualifier="c"/>
        <field name="parseStatus" family="p" qualifier="st"/>
        <field name="signature" family="p" qualifier="sig"/>
        <field name="prevSignature" family="p" qualifier="psig"/>
        <!-- score fields                                       -->
        <field name="score" family="s" qualifier="s"/>
        <field name="headers" family="h"/>
        <field name="inlinks" family="il"/>
        <field name="outlinks" family="ol"/>
        <field name="metadata" family="mtdt"/>
        <field name="markers" family="mk"/>
        <field name="features" family="ft"/>

{"name": "WebPage",
 "type": "record",
 "namespace": "org.apache.nutch.storage",
 "fields": [
        {"name": "baseUrl", "type": "string"}, 
        {"name": "status", "type": "int"},
        {"name": "fetchTime", "type": "long"},
        {"name": "prevFetchTime", "type": "long"},
        {"name": "fetchInterval", "type": "int"},
        {"name": "retriesSinceFetch", "type": "int"},
        {"name": "modifiedTime", "type": "long"},
        {"name": "protocolStatus", "type": {
            "name": "ProtocolStatus",
            "type": "record",
            "namespace": "org.apache.nutch.storage",
            "fields": [
                {"name": "code", "type": "int"},
                {"name": "args", "type": {"type": "array", "items": "string"}},
                {"name": "lastModified", "type": "long"}
        {"name": "content", "type": "bytes"},
        {"name": "contentType", "type": "string"},
        {"name": "prevSignature", "type": "bytes"},
        {"name": "signature", "type": "bytes"},
        {"name": "title", "type": "string"},
        {"name": "text", "type": "string"},
        {"name": "parseStatus", "type": {
            "name": "ParseStatus",
            "type": "record",
            "namespace": "org.apache.nutch.storage",
            "fields": [
                {"name": "majorCode", "type": "int"},
                {"name": "minorCode", "type": "int"},
                {"name": "args", "type": {"type": "array", "items": "string"}}
        {"name": "score", "type": "float"},
        {"name": "reprUrl", "type": "string"},
        {"name": "headers", "type": {"type": "map", "values": "string"}},
        {"name": "outlinks", "type": {"type": "map", "values": "string"}},
        {"name": "inlinks", "type": {"type": "map", "values": "string"}},
        {"name": "markers", "type": {"type": "map", "values": "string"}},
        {"name": "metadata", "type": {"type": "map", "values": "bytes"}},
        {"name": "features", "type": {"type": "map", "values": "bytes"}},
        {"name": "pageType", "type": "int"},
        {"name": "newsTime", "type": "long"},
        {"name": "level", "type": "int"},
        {"name": "lastFetchInterval", "type":"int"},
        {"name": "findTime", "type":"long"}

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