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From Laxman <lakshman...@huawei.com>
Subject Introduce GC tuning profiles
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2012 07:15:12 GMT
Hi Devs,

How about introducing multiple GC tuning profiles (like STANDALONE, SMALL,
MEDIUM, LARGE ...) in HBase itself?
Profiles can be categorized based on cluster size, usage, resources
available (Memory, CPU).

Why tuning profiles?
-> Its tedious & error-prone to find, edit some parameter in script file.
-> While editing manually and I'm sure we miss one or the other parameters
in some cluster machine.
-> These profiles boosts the user's confidence rather tune himself by trial
and error for each parameter.

I know I will get the following immediate answers. :-)
-> it's the responsibility of user to tune GC
-> it depends on usage
-> it depends on environment (machine resources available)
-> we do provide recommendations in hbase book
-> there are so many resources over web about tuning. Why don't you refer to
-> so on...

I humbly accept all the above reasons but still I wanted to put forward the
idea of tuning profiles and get your opinion.

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