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From Laxman <lakshman...@huawei.com>
Subject Max xceiver config
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2012 05:43:15 GMT
HBase book is recommending to set xceiver count[dfs.datanode.max.xcievers]
to 4096

Why do we need to have xceivers count so high as 4096? 

This means each Datanode in cluster is allowing the maximum of
  - 4096 threads with each thread occupying some memory 
  - 4096 threads read/write to the disk(s) simultaneously

This actually makes the system more vulnerable (kind of DOS attacks) by
over-utilization of the system resources.

Also, this recommendation was based on some issue reported on Hadoop 0.18. 
IMO, we should not have such high value as recommendation/default value and
this value to be tuned as per the capacity requirements.

Related issues
  - Reported on 0.18 
  - Raising xciever count to high value caused other problems. 
  - Resolution "Cannot Reproduce " 

  - Modified the default value to 4096 
  - Source
which again refers to HDFS-162 (Reported on 0.18). 

Case study
In one of our production environment, this value has been set to 4096 and
disk waits were very huge due to which some processes were not responding. 
Also OS is configured to reboot (kernel panic reboot) when some process is
not responding for a specific amount of time. 

These two configurations has resulted in corrupted data.

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