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From Nicolas Spiegelberg <nspiegelb...@fb.com>
Subject Re: hbase 0.94.0
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2012 06:10:03 GMT
>>1) The trunk has more master work.  Specifically 89-master related
>> features that we implemented for our grid architecture.
>You have a list of issues Nicolas?

It's at least 3 major features.  We're more than willing to work with you
on porting.  It sounds like eBay & Cloudera have some possible demand for
the functionality already...

>> 2) Client/Server compatibility.  Even if we upgraded the servers to
>> 94/96/whatever, we still will have a lot of clients running 89 & we
>> simply stop/start all of them at the same time.  We need 89/trunk RPC
>> compat for client/server.
>An 0.89 client should be able to talk to a 0.94+ server?

That's what we need at least, to consider upgrading a system like
Messages.  I understand that we'll have to do most of this work, but it
will definitely cause us a major inconvenience and severely delay our
upgrade possibilities.  I would caution against putting other HBase
deployments based on later revisions in the same boat.  Letting people add
a feature without a smooth upgrade strategy is like accepting code without
a peer review: there's a ton of hidden cost that you pretend not to notice.

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