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From Nicolas Spiegelberg <nspiegelb...@fb.com>
Subject Re: hbase 0.94.0
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2012 23:37:56 GMT
>Traditionally there have been no guarantees of cross major version
>compatibility. RPC especially. Never a rolling upgrade from an 0.90 to an
>0.92, for example. For persistent data, there is a migration utility for
>upping from one major release to the next.

I'm advocating that RPC compatibility breakage is not acceptable for FB
because this is a vital and highly-deployed infrastructure piece.  I'm
assuming this strategy may not be acceptable for other major contributors
as well.  I can't imagine that CDH customers don't need cross-version
compat, which will most likely go from 92->96+.  I think we need to have a
client->server online migration strategy for currently active revisions.
This is independent of whether we label the current build 1.0 or not.  In
fact, I would advocate that we want to be in the habit of cross-version
compatibility and long-term thinking before we actually release a 1.0.
With 1.0, we don't just want to have cross-version compat, we want to have
the problem nailed or else it will cause major support problems.

Note that I'm not advocating cross-service RPC compat at this time.  I
don't think we need to tackle online rolling upgrades of HBase from 92->94
(e.g. Mixed RegionServer versions or mixed master-RS).  Doing a start-stop
of the entire HBase cluster is probably fine before 1.0.  However, I think
it's safe to say that there are multiple instances where the DBA team and
the AppServer team are different people, especially with any group
exploring multi-tenancy.  For that use case, client & server compat is

>Regarding RPC, this state of affairs is not really acceptable to anyone
>any more. Over in core there's work to move 99% of RPC to protobufs, with
>only the thinnest Writable header. In this thread there seem several here
>who want to tackle this for HBase now.

Are the people working on this functionality are thinking about
client-server compat?  JIRA #s?

>Regarding major version data migrations, the attitude I believe is pre
>1.0 we can entertain design changes that break compatibility, in search
>of something that works well enough to be 1.0. From that point forward,
>compatibility is a requirement.

What's the definition of working well enough to be 1.0?  I thought having
stable, durable PB+ online data storage would be considered working "well
enough". Did we not declare that 0.90 was the "data durable" version of
HBase that you could trust?  Migrations should be a first-class priority
after declaring the project "data durable".  If you cannot reliably
persist 100% of data after upgrade, then the version truly wasn't "data

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