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From yuzhih...@gmail.com
Subject Re: 0.90.6 Release status
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2012 14:43:17 GMT
Stack said he would come up with some test for hbase-5179. 
Suppose that takes a few more days, do you plan to check in the fix into 0.90 branch ?

According to Todd's suggestion earlier, a Jira shouldn't be open for too long during which
time patches continuously get checked in. 


On Jan 21, 2012, at 4:34 AM, Ramakrishna s vasudevan <ramkrishna.vasudevan@huawei.com>

> Hi Devs
> After the first RC for 0.90.6 was taken
> HBASE-5196 - Failure in region split after PONR could cause region hole
> HBASE-5153 - Add retry logic in HConnectionImplementation#resetZooKeeperTrackers
> The above 2 defects have been committed.
> HBASE-5179 - Concurrent processing of processFaileOver and ServerShutdownHandler may
cause region to be assigned before log splitting is completed, causing data loss
> HBASE-5225 - Backport HBASE-3845 -data loss because lastSeqWritten can miss memstore
> HBASE-5235 - HLogSplitter writer thread's streams not getting closed when any of the
writer threads has exceptions.
> HBASE-5237 - Addendum for HBASE-5160 and HBASE-4397
> HBASE-5179 - is almost in a final stage for committing.  Thanks to Chunhui, Ted and Jinchao
for persisting on the defect.
> The above defects were found during the testing for RC0. Hence i would like to cut another
RC once the above
> defects goes into 0.90.  By tomorrow 22nd January i would like to take a release cut.
> Please let me know your suggestions/opinions.
> Regards
> Ram

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