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From Gary Helmling <ghelml...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: HBase with security build Was: An 0.92.0 Release Candidate this week?
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2011 01:07:49 GMT
> Are we talking about a tarball that has both secure and insecure hbase
> or are we talking of two tarballs, insecure and secure?

With the current POM/profile, we would do two tarballs, insecure and secure.

The security profile adds the paths for the security classes to the
source and test-source paths:

- security/src/main/java
- security/src/test/java

So, when it's enabled, the security classes are added (as appropriate)
to hbase-xxx.jar, hbase-xxx-tests.jar, and hbase-xxx-sources.jar,
along with the existing core code.

Because of this, I think we would want to version the security builds
separately: 0.92.0 for current build, 0.92.0-security for build with

What do you think?

I could see a single download with separate jars for "plain" and
"-secure" being nicer, but then that would require selecting/replacing
the jar to use.  And it would also require some additional build
engineering that may exceed my current maven skills.  My plan was to
just wait for full modularization to handle that.


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