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From Nicolas Spiegelberg <nspiegelb...@fb.com>
Subject Re: patch maturity and HBase release Was: HBASE-4120 table level priority
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2011 00:12:51 GMT
I agree with Todd's sentiments on unnecessarily coupling feature priority
with the availability of a patch.  There's patches that we've developed
internally, then threw away because we couldn't tie it to a production use
case or thought a better design might be necessary.  There's also patches
that we've had simmering out for a couple weeks so we could think about it
and cross-talk.  Every new feature adds to the complexity of an
already-complex system.  We should make sure the feature has demand.

I don't think tying the maturity of a patch merely to a metric as simple
as the presence of a unit test.  Unit tests are great, but they're a means
instead of an ends to quality.  I've seen super-buggy code that had a
number of unit tests.  I've seen code that passed the unit test, but the
test assumptions were wrong.  I've seen code that failed a unit test
because the unit test was horribly written.  There's a lot of metrics that
make a feature more palatable.  How are you using this?  Can you give
examples? Is it in production or just something you wanted?  How actively
is this being used?  What sort of scaling is being tested here?  These are
questions that contributors should be available to answer if they submit a
large diff that impacts a critical section of code and will be a necessary
design decision for many future features.  

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