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From Eric Yang <eric...@gmail.com>
Subject Secure Hadoop and non-secure HBase
Date Sun, 11 Sep 2011 18:04:20 GMT
Hi all,

Hortonworks has a patch for secure append for Apache Hadoop 0.20.205 to work with HBase 0.90.x.
 However, secure Hadoop and HBase would work until kerberos token expires.  There is currently
no code that renews kerberos token in HBase.  Hence, it is possible to add a cron job to periodically
renew the HBase user token to keep the system running.  What does the community think about
having a setup script for cron job as part of HBase upcoming minor release, and fix the token
renewal in HBase code for the next major version.  On the other hand, would the community
accept the token renewal code in HBase as part of the upcoming 0.90.5 release?  If yes, what
is the time line for 0.90.5?

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