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From Eric Charles <eric.char...@u-mangate.com>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] Accumulo, another BigTable clone, has shown up on Apache Incubator as a proposal
Date Sat, 03 Sep 2011 19:46:46 GMT
On 02/09/11 13:01, Bernd Fondermann wrote:
> The only thing you can really do is write code that rocks, build an open
> community and put out great releases.


However, I will add: 'competition is good, dispersion is no good'

It's true that similar projects already exist within Apache.

An example is the recent concerns of Hama on the Giraph project for the 
Pregel functionality. But Hama was still incubating and not having 
completed the Pregel.

Another example is Whirr and DeltaCloud, but they are implemented in 
different technologies.

Here, we already have a Java implementation of BigTable and I wonder 
what we'll gain with another one? Sounds to me like incubating a Tomcat 
equivalent, but with e.g. automatic authorization on HTTP request (I 
invent): not much sense...

If finally incubated, my *wishful thinking* is that both projects can 
come to share 'common components'. This is to me an argument for the 
incubation that could lead to a common-bigtable sub-project :)

But honestly, my thinking is that we are still more loosing focus in 
already very puzzled NoSQL world. Good for the consultants, bad for the 

I wonder if all this thread should be moved to the incubator mailing 
list. After all, this is where the decision will occur.



>   Bernd

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