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From Stack <saint....@gmail.com>
Subject Re: HBASE-4089 & HBASE-4147 - on the topic of ops output
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2011 22:38:39 GMT
Yes.  Hbase was started by powerset and two of us contributed first as powerset employees and
then later after our acquisition by microsoft and a pause of a few months while some interesting
legal issues were worked through, i resumed contributing to apache hbase as an employee of
Microsoft. A bunch of backscenes work by mgmnt at powerset and by the ms integration team
made what I thought the impossible happen (at the time I was highly skeptical and was out
talking to all and sundry looking for someone else to assume hbase sponsorship).   I do not
think our work was the first open source ms contrib -- I seem to remember fixes for some sqlserver
open source driver happening before we were let resume -- but I am pretty sure it was the
most sustained (I was near full time working on hbase).   I remained a ms employee free to
contrib to hbase, hadoop itself had not been vetted by ms legal so was off limits, for over
a year until the day we all realized hbase no longer fit the direction in which the powerset
division was headed.  Then I moved on.

Microsoft  sponsored early hbase dev.


On Aug 1, 2011, at 19:50, Fuad Efendi <fuad@efendi.ca> wrote:

>> re:  "Is it really-really supported by Microsoft employees?!"
>> It is really, really not.
> I believe Hbase was contributed to Apache by a Powerset, currently owned
> by Microsoft; and (same contributors) were full-time supporting Hbase and
> having salaries from Microsoft for at least a year; it was first
> (implicit) contribution from Microsoft to Apache. 

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