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From Ryan Rawson <ryano...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: On unit tests and hudson (WAS -> Re: Hudson build is back to normal : HBase-TRUNK #1551)
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2010 21:27:06 GMT
Thanks for that!

Once the build is green, it becomes much easier to keep it so.


On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 10:47 AM, Stack <stack@duboce.net> wrote:
> Yeah, I'm fixing it (smile).
> Tests are almost back to normal.  There's still some flakeyness to
> eradicate.  Almost there.
> While there's a bit of a focus on tests, I'd like to petition that
> going forward we do all we can to keep tests in the blue.  Here's why
> (mostly informed by what I learned over the last week working with
> hudson):
> + Hudson is always right.  If he fails a build, there is a cause.  The
> cause of failure may be indecipherable, seemingly from the realm of
> shadows, but digging will turn up the cause. Eventually.  Here's some
> recent 'interesting' illustration:
> ++ Our TableOutputFormat has been broke, probably since the day it was
> originally written more than a year (or two) ago in that it was not
> reading the config. set by job setup.   This plus a test that was
> leaving up a zookeeper ensemble -- yet to be found -- was root cause
> of sporadic TestTableMapReduce failings.
> ++ Clients could always timeout their session on zookeeper especially
> when the zk ensemble was restarted as part of a unit test
> (TestClusterRestart).  A timed-out client hosts stale data; i.e. its
> not updatable by watchers.  Up until the new master commit, these
> session expirations were rarely troublesome; the stale data was
> usually sufficient to complete the test successfully.  Failures were
> rare but possible (With new master, there's more riding on zk watchers
> working so lost session should be more obvious).
> + We can't let broke tests go unaddressed again.  If tests strike up a
> failing pattern in hudson we all get lazy about running tests at all.
> We lose the benefit unit tests bring where unit tests turn up the side
> effects not considered.  While the new master checkin was responsible
> for a portion of the failures of late, what has been interesting to me
> is how many of the recent test fails were not related at all.  There
> were tests that tested nought and failed (i.e. the putting up of two
> HBaseTestingUtilities in the one JVM but this doesn't work yet so test
> would hang on close), tests that were working under presumptions long
> since abandoned (TestMergeMeta wanted to do exactly that, merge meta,
> a facility we frustrated ad while back), or tests that had been broken
> by a refactoring unrelated to new master (TestSplitTransaction had a
> means of distinguishing testing from normal running that was broke).
> + A good few tests -- maybe 5 in the end -- were not completing when
> the test suite was run and maven would step in and kill them.  These
> tests prevented the tests behind them from running.  A few of these
> were checked in tests that could never have worked.  For example,
> TestDeadServers, a test I committed, was plain broke.  It could never
> have worked.  It looks like I checked in a version that was
> incomplete.  Or TestLoadBalancer was using an unresolvable hostname.
> How could that ever have worked?  Because of the tests that were not
> completing, hudson did not have a chance to flag the broke commits.
> I've changed the timeout on tests so we'll cut in after 15 minutes.
> Its also good practice to add the junit4 (timeout = N) qualification
> to the @Test annotation.  Set it to 3 or 5 minutes or something.
> Unfortunately, a bunch of our tests are still junit3 and the timeout
> is not an option (that I know of).
> St.Ack
> P.S. I still love unit tests even when they are a pain.
> On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 9:41 AM, Steven Noels <stevenn@outerthought.org> wrote:
>> This must be a mistake. |-)
>> On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 9:52 AM, Apache Hudson Server <
>> hudson@hudson.apache.org> wrote:
>>> See <https://hudson.apache.org/hudson/job/HBase-TRUNK/1551/changes>
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