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From Stack <st...@duboce.net>
Subject Re: Why does FilterList inherit from Filter and not from FilterBase? Any particular reason?
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2010 06:15:11 GMT
On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 10:49 PM, Ryan Rawson <ryanobjc@gmail.com> wrote:
> Filter is a large interface requiring something like 6-7 methods to be
> defined.  Furthermore, nearly all of those methods have a reasonable
> default for a 'null filter' that would filter nothing.  That is what
> FilterBase does.
> FilterList overrides every single interface method, thus it doesn't
> need FilterBase. One could make it derive from FilterBase, but that
> relationship would neither communicate any design statements (eg: a
> FilterList ISA FilterBase is not relevant), nor would it provide
> useful base implementation.
> If you think it's more important to be consistent, it wouldn't hurt to
> inherit from FilterBase.

Consistency is usually good but seems like inserting FilterBase would
make no sense.  Thanks for the explaination.

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