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From Stack <st...@duboce.net>
Subject Lets axe 'core' module and make a flat mvn project of no modules
Date Wed, 19 May 2010 05:12:22 GMT
Today we got rid of contrib out of TRUNK.  All contribs been moved out
to github -- transactional hbase, indexed hbase, ec2 scripts -- or
pulled up into core (stargate REST server and replication).  Now we
have only core.  core has its on pom.xml.  Its a maven "module" (or
submodule(?)) of the hbase maven project.

I want to remove it.  It seems silly having a maven build of a single
module only.  It complicates the build; e.g. if you do mvn site, only
the reports under the core module have any meat to them; those of the
parent project are mostly empty.


Simpler maven build; one artifact made only, the hbase jar.


It took a work getting the module infrastructure into place.  We'd be
undoing it.

While we have only one module now, the future may bring hbase
submodules.  The looming one is a client hbase module; i.e. core would
be split into at least hbase-server and hbase-client.  Undoing the
modules and then bringing them back later should we go ahead on
hbase-server+hbase-client would be disruptive.

I'm for simplifying our build.  Maven is pain enough.  What do others
think?  Mostly, it'd involve pulling the content of core up a level
and merging the core pom w/ the main hbase pom.


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