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From Stack <st...@duboce.net>
Subject Renamed branches, updated list of issues against next release ("0.21.0")
Date Thu, 13 May 2010 04:58:07 GMT
I renamed 0.20 branch as "former_0.20".  This branch was where we were
going to cut the next release from but is now pronounced dead (or will
be dead for sure after I forward port what is in here that is not
currently in TRUNK).

I renamed 0.20_pre_durability as the new "0.20".  This is the branch
we cut 0.20.4 from.  If we were to do a 0.20.5, it would come out of
this branch.

All developer focus should now be on TRUNK after today's vote.

*NOTE* TRUNK uses maven.   Please surface here on this list any issues
you have getting going on maven.  Lets work through them together.
Lets all help each other make the transition as smooth as possible.
I've been adding to Paul Smith's hbase and maven page here,
http://wiki.apache.org/hadoop/Hbase/MavenPrimer (Its linked off the
hbase wiki main page).  For example, I list the old ant way of doing
something on left-side of a small table and its maven equivalent on
the right-side.  Our maven setup is still rough in need of tuning so
please complain loudly either here or in issues filed against 0.21.

I've also been in JIRA messing.  All that was against 0.20.5, the
label we were using for what was going to be our next release, has
been moved into 0.21.  I then went through the issues filed against
0.21 and moved a bunch out to 0.22.  Please feel free to add or remove
as you see fit.  Hopefully you'll be carrying a pruning state of mind
when you go about this task.  There are currently 120 issues filed
against 0.21 which is way too many given we're talking of cutting an
RC sometime soon.


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