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From Jonathan Gray <jg...@facebook.com>
Subject JIRAs committed on trunk but not branch
Date Wed, 12 May 2010 00:36:30 GMT
Below is a list I compiled of trunk-only JIRAs.

This list contains JIRAs that are Fixed and have a Fix Version of 0.21 and no other versions
(so only as accurate as the jira fix versions are).

[HBASE-410] [testing] Speed up the test suite
[HBASE-1276] [testing] Upgrade to JUnit 4.x and use @BeforeClass annotations to optimize tests
[HBASE-1360] move up to Thrift 0.2.0
[HBASE-1373] Update Thrift to use compact/framed protocol
[HBASE-1433] Update hbase build to match core, use ivy, publish jars to maven repo, etc.
[HBASE-1444] Use new HADOOP-4829 shutdown flag
[HBASE-1537] Intra-row scanning
[HBASE-1614] single zk node buckling under small node?  connections never timing out?
[HBASE-1642] Add main to HRegion that can read a passed .META.
[HBASE-1643] ScanDeleteTracker takes comparator but it unused
[HBASE-1728] Column family scoping and cluster identification
[HBASE-1756] Refactor HLog
[HBASE-1758] Extract interface out of HTable
[HBASE-1776] Make rowcounter enum public
[HBASE-1778] Improve PerformanceEvaluation
[HBASE-1820] Update jruby from 1.2 to 1.3.1
[HBASE-1822] Remove the deprecated APIs
[HBASE-1825] code cleanup, hmaster split debug logs
[HBASE-1835] Add more delete tests
[HBASE-1841] If multiple of same key in an hfile and they span blocks, may miss the earlier
keys on a lookup
[HBASE-1848] Fixup shell for HBASE-1822
[HBASE-1850] src/examples/mapred do not compile after HBASE-1822
[HBASE-1869] IndexedTable delete fails when used in conjunction with RowLock()
[HBASE-1885] Simplify use of IndexedTable outside Java API
[HBASE-1887] Update hbase trunk to latests on hadoop 0.21 branch so we can all test sync/append
[HBASE-1889] ClassNotFoundException on trunk for REST
[HBASE-1893] hdfs-127 and native libs for hbase 0.21
[HBASE-1901] "General" partitioner for "hbase-48" bulk (behind the api, write hfiles direct)
[HBASE-1902] Let PerformanceEvaluation support setting tableName and compress algorithm
[HBASE-1907] Version all client writables
[HBASE-1914] hlog should be able to set replication level for the log indendently from any
other files
[HBASE-1915] HLog.sync is called way too often, needs to be only called 1x per RPC
[HBASE-1926] Remove unused xmlenc jar from trunk
[HBASE-1930] Put.setTimeStamp misleading (doesn't change timestamp on existing KeyValues,
not copied in copy constructor)
[HBASE-1933] Upload Hbase jars to a public maven repository
[HBASE-1939] HLog group commit
[HBASE-1942] Update hadoop jars in trunk; update to r831142
[HBASE-1943] Remove AgileJSON; unused.
[HBASE-1944] Add a "deferred log flush" attribute to HTD
[HBASE-1945] Remove META and ROOT memcache size bandaid
[HBASE-1963] Output to multiple tables from Hadoop MR without use of HTable
[HBASE-1971] Unit test the full WAL replay cycle
[HBASE-1974] Update to latest on hadoop 0.21 branch (November11th, 2009)
[HBASE-1977] Add ts and allow setting VERSIONS when scanning in shell
[HBASE-1995] Add configurable max value size check
[HBASE-1996] Configure scanner buffer in bytes instead of number of rows
[HBASE-2013] Add useful helpers to HBaseTestingUtility.java
[HBASE-2017] Set configurable max value size check to 10MB
[HBASE-2028] Add HTable.incrementColumnValue() to shell
[HBASE-2036] Use Configuration instead of HBaseConfiguration
[HBASE-2040] Fixes to group commit
[HBASE-2041] Change WAL default configuration values
[HBASE-2044] HBASE-1822 removed not-deprecated APIs
[HBASE-2053] Upper bound of outstanding WALs can be overrun
[HBASE-2059] Break out WAL reader and writer impl from HLog
[HBASE-2070] Collect HLogs and delete them after a period of time
[HBASE-2072] fs.automatic.close isn't passed to FileSystem
[HBASE-2085] StringBuffer -&gt; StringBuilder - conversion of references as necessary
[HBASE-2086] Job(configuration,String) deprecated
[HBASE-2089] HBaseConfiguration() ctor. deprecated
[HBASE-2090] findbugs issues
[HBASE-2107] Upgrading Lucene 2.2 to Lucene 3.0.0
[HBASE-2114] Can't start HBase in trunk
[HBASE-2128] ant tar build broken since switch to Ivy
[HBASE-2130] bin/* scripts - not to include lib/test/**/*.jar
[HBASE-2134] Ivy nit regarding checking with latest snapshots
[HBASE-2135] ant javadoc complains about missing classes
[HBASE-2136] Forward-port the old mapred package
[HBASE-2137] javadoc warnings from 'javadoc' target
[HBASE-2139] findbugs task in build.xml
[HBASE-2140] findbugs issues - 2 performance warnings as suggested by findbugs
[HBASE-2150] Deprecated HBC(Configuration) constructor doesn't call this()
[HBASE-2151] Remove onelab and include generated thrift classes in javadoc
[HBASE-2153] Publish generated HTML documentation for Thrift on the website
[HBASE-2163] ZK dependencies - explicitly add them until ZK artifacts are published to mvn
[HBASE-2164] Ivy nit - clean up configs
[HBASE-2172] Add constructor to Put for row key and timestamp
[HBASE-2178] Hooks for replication
[HBASE-2184] Calling HTable.getTableDescriptor().* on a full cluster takes a long time
[HBASE-2194] HTable - put(Put) , put(List&lt;Put) code duplication
[HBASE-2209] Support of List [ ] in HBaseOutputWritable for serialization
[HBASE-2211] Add a new Filter that checks a single column value but does not emit it.
[HBASE-2212] Refactor out lucene dependencies from HBase
[HBASE-2221] MR to copy a table
[HBASE-2224] Broken build: TestGetRowVersions.testGetRowMultipleVersions
[HBASE-2226] HQuorumPeerTest doesnt run because it doesnt start with the word Test
[HBASE-2245] Unnecessary call to syncWal(region); in HRegionServer
[HBASE-2246] Add a getConfiguration method to HTableInterface
[HBASE-2254] Improvements to the Maven POMs
[HBASE-2255] take trunk back to hadoop 0.20
[HBASE-2260] Remove all traces of Ant and Ivy
[HBASE-2264] Adjust the contrib apps to the Maven project layout
[HBASE-2266] [stargate] missing MiniDFSCluster dependency
[HBASE-2267] More improvements to the Maven build
[HBASE-2268] [stargate] "Failed tests: warning(junit.framework.TestSuite$1)" and DEBUG output
is dumped to console since move to Mavenized build
[HBASE-2276] Hbase Shell hcd() method is broken by the replication scope parameter
[HBASE-2279] Hbase Shell does not have any tests
[HBASE-2281] Hbase shell does not work when started from the build dir
[HBASE-2282] More directories should be ignored when using git for development
[HBASE-2309] Add apache releases to pom (list of ) repositories
[HBASE-2313] Nit-pick about hbase-2279 shell fixup, if you do get with non-existant column
family, throws lots of exceptions
[HBASE-2314] [shell] Support for getting counters
[HBASE-2316] Need an ability to run shell tests w/o invoking junit
[HBASE-2324] Refactoring of TableRecordReader (mapred / mapreduce) for reuse outside the scope
of InputSplit / RecordReader
[HBASE-2331] [shell] count command needs a way to specify scan caching
[HBASE-2334] Slimming of Maven dependency tree - improves assembly build speed,
[HBASE-2336] Fix build broken with HBASE-2334
[HBASE-2348] Stargate needs both JAR and WAR artifacts
[HBASE-2361] WALEdit broke replication scope
[HBASE-2364] Ignore Deprecations during build
[HBASE-2370] saveVersion.sh doesnt properly grab the git revision
[HBASE-2374] TableInputFormat - Configurable parameter to add column families
[HBASE-2430] Disable frag display in trunk, let HBASE-2165 replace it
[HBASE-2435] HTablePool - method to release resources after use
[HBASE-2452] Fix our Maven dependencies
[HBASE-2463] Various Bytes.* functions silently ignore invalid arguments
[HBASE-2491] master.jsp uses absolute links to table.jsp. This broke when master.jsp moved
under webapps/master
[HBASE-2494] Does not apply new.name parameter to CopyTable.


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