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From Paul Cowan <co...@aconex.com>
Subject Re: Review Request: HBASE-2468: Improvements to prewarm META cache on clients.
Date Sat, 29 May 2010 03:21:53 GMT
[Commenting on-list, not sure if I should just sign up + put these 
comments direct on reviews?]

On 29/05/2010 7:59 AM, Ryan Rawson wrote:
 > Belay that order, I need to inspect this code review... unfortunately 
a concurrent collection is not the answer to all multi threading woes.

Changing this class to use ConcurrentHashMap, and completely removing 
synchronization, won't work, as it's written. The lazy-loading in 
regionCachePreFetchEnabled() (get - if null, put) won't work correctly 
with a ConcurrentHashMap without external synchronization.

As it is, the class is thread-safe in the way it accesses the HashMap. 
To remove the synchronization (if desired), you could:

1) Replace with a ConcurrentHashMap, and change 
regionCachePreFetchEnabled() to do something like:
        prefetchRegionCacheEnabled.putIfAbsent(tableName, true);
        return prefetchRegionCacheEnabled.get(tableName);
Alternatively, remove the 'true' -- that's the default, right? So there 
isn't actually any reason to put true values in the map if there's no 
value otherwise. Then just use:
        Boolean result = this.prefetchRegionCacheEnabled.get(tableName);
        return result == null ? Boolean.TRUE : result;
(and it's simpler, right?)

2) Again, given that 'true' is the default value, there's probably 
actually no reason to use a Map at all. All you want to know is which 
ones have specifically had fetching disabled, right? So assuming that 
disabling/enabling prefetch for a region is rare (both in terms of 
frequency, and in terms of a small number of regions being disabled), 
the best performance will probably come from something like
       private final Set<byte[]> prefetchDisabledRegions
         = new CopyOnWriteArraySet<byte[]>()
then disable is just:
enable is:
and isEnabled is just
which is probably going to be quicker if disabling is done only for a 
few regions (so linear walking of the underlying array is quicker than 
hashing + probing) -- and remember, scans of CopyOnWriteArraySet are 
completely lock-free. Also, it's cleaner IMHO...

3) Use the solution from #2 with a good ConcurrentHashSet (there isn't 
one in the JDK, unfortunately, but maybe you have one available), which 
is more useful if large numbers of regions will be disabled or if 
regions will be toggled on/off frequently.



PS: Minor suggestion: this class is inconsistent with variable/method 
names as to whether 'prefetch' is one camel-cased word (prefetch) or two 
(preFetch). Just thought I'd mention it!

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