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From Al Lias <al.l...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Decision/Discussion about HBASE-2170: Lightweight client/Refactoring of source tree
Date Mon, 17 May 2010 19:08:19 GMT
Am 17.05.2010 20:28, Stack wrote:
> ...
> So, if no modules, could we still produce an hbase-client via
> something like an assembly or, given that it would need a supporting
> pom, we could only do it if we keep up modules?
I think yes, otherwise you (basically) confuse the one-project->one
artifact logic of mvn. But the "module" is just one dir + the pom (which
is the artifact), perhaps you can even get away without a dir. But if
thats well maintained, it gives a much nicer (i.e. simpler) reference
for other projects building with mvn.

Dont forget about many deep dependencies that occationally lead to
conflicts on a nasty nested level (log4j is a nice one...).

>> If you then look further for a one-piece-jar (for the poor without
>> maven), the shade plugin would do the job.
> This seems easy to do in mvn.  The resultant jar though would be enormous.

Yes; around 23Mb today. And when you think about putting it into some
repo, one probably has to be clear about the licenses insight too.

A jar based on a cleaned pom as mentioned above does make it to around 5
Mb (based on hbase0.20.3 excersize).

But the one-jar thing is a solution for reasonable simple projects only:
the classes inside could conflict with classes of other jars in your
classpath, thus even increasing the confusion.

So a well maintained pom for a artifact "hbase-client" would be great...


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