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From Al Lias <al.l...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Decision/Discussion about HBASE-2170: Lightweight client/Refactoring of source tree
Date Fri, 14 May 2010 16:09:55 GMT
...Maven can have submodules, each having its own artifact and thus a
own pom. Its a simple setup. The client code seems to me a perfect



Am 14.05.2010 10:54, schrieb Lars Francke:
> I'm sorry I must have missed your answer somehow.
>> The problem with using 1 jar "everywhere" is that the client
>> dependencies are more than the server ones.  So to use the client you
>> only need zookeeper and hadoop, but the server also needs JSP, JspC,
>> etc, etc, things we'd rather not have our clients have to pull into
>> their classpath.
> Exactly.
>> Maybe we can publish a POM with a stripped down set of deps?  Would
>> that be a reasonable half solution? :-)
> That would be possible too, yes. As you aptly named it: It's a
> reasonable half solution :) It'd be great if folks could just add a
> dependency on org.apache.hbase:hbase-client and be done with it. I
> think users won't care that much about how it is done but I think it
> would be a step in the right direction and make adoption of HBase even
> easier.
> The separation of code would make this distinction even clearer and
> the dependencies easier to maintain but I'm good with any (agreed
> upon) solution for this problem.
> Cheers,
> Lars

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