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From Al Lias <al.l...@gmx.de>
Subject Hbase stuck after some hours
Date Fri, 09 Apr 2010 07:56:06 GMT
I repeatedly have the following problem with
0.20.3/dfs.datanode.socket.write.timeout=0: Some RS is requested for
some data, the DFS can not find it, client hangs until timeout.

Grepping the cluster logs, I can see this:

1. at some time the DFS is asked to delete a block, blocks are deleted
from the datanodes

2. some minutes later, a RS seems to ask for exactly this block...DFS
says "Block blk_.. is not valid." and then "No live nodes contain
current block".

(I have xceivers and file desc limit high,
dfs.datanode.handler.count=10, No particulary high load, 17 Servers with

More log here: http://pastebin.com/cdqsy8Ae


Thx, Al

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