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From Andrew Purtell <apurt...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Vote on
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2010 17:22:12 GMT
I think J-D is doing the right thing here. 

We all agreed to work on and commit some changes which produce more than an incremental release,
something in between a fork and an incremental release if I can be a little cute about it.
We are walking back a little from that now that a release vetted on (an also vetted) HDFS-200
is a month or two away, so we can get something out the door now that fixes the warts in 0.20.3.

I would personally prefer a 0.20.4 release that does not depend on having the patched version
of Hadoop jars included, since Hadoop 0.20.2 does not have 200 or 826, and our next release
will target it. 

> I think you and I can agree that all of those changes that
> came during that last month are disruptive, and even tho
> they are reviewed and tested we still need to go through
> some QA. In the mean time, new comers as well as regulars
> are hitting the same (fixed in branch) bugs over and over
> again.
> So to release a new version we need to tag something, we
> could just tag 919707 and be done with it but I think there
> are a couple of fixes that need to make it to 0.20.4 that
> were committed after that. Committing patches to a tag
> doesn't make sense, it's not a tag anymore. So to make it
> clear, I started a branch that people can commit to
> whatever they feel like is needed for our next
> release.


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