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From Andrew Purtell <apurt...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Vote on
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2010 01:49:13 GMT

What is the release schedule? By end of this week?

Why not make it 0.20.4 as Todd asks?

  - Andy

> From: Jean-Daniel Cryans
> I propose that we tag rev# 919707 (just before the backport
> of group commit) and apply a couple of the other biggest
> fixes that happened after that:
> HBASE-2174 Stop from resolving HRegionServer addresses to
> names using DNS on every heartbeat
> HBASE-2308 Fix the bin/rename_table.rb script, make it work
> again
> HBASE-2023 Client sync block can cause 1 thread of a
> multi-threaded client to block all others
> HBASE-2305 Client port for ZK has no default
> HBASE-2323 filter.RegexStringComparator does not work with
> certain bytes
> HBASE-2147  run zookeeper in the same jvm as master
> during non-distributed mode
> HBASE-2355 Unsynchronized logWriters map is mutated from
> several threads in HLog splitting
> HBASE-2358 Store doReconstructionLog will fail if
> oldlogfile.log is empty and won't load region
> HBASE-2365 Double-assignment around split
> HBASE-2087  The wait on compaction because "Too many
> store files" holds up all flushing
> HBASE-2252  Mapping a very big table kills region
> servers
> We could do without 2308,2305,2147 but the rest is pretty
> important.


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