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From Lars Francke <lars.fran...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Sonar report for HBase
Date Sun, 28 Mar 2010 11:11:08 GMT
> Nice work.  I wish Apache would host an internal Sonar instance.

Your wish is about to come true :)


I've asked on #asfinfra about the process and was pointed to the
builds@ mailing list. I've subscribed and asked for the status and
offered my help in case it is needed. Let's see what happens. I'm
looking forward to this as it would mean that we'd not have to set up
the site process of Maven (which tends to be a royal pain) as all the
relevant reports are generated by/for Sonar.


PS: I was also told that an upgrade of JIRA to 4.x (x >= 1 hopefully)
is probably coming this year -> configurable E-mail subjects!

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