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From Paul Smith <psm...@aconex.com>
Subject Ignore deprecations during Maven compile
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2010 00:31:13 GMT
I'd like to propose tweaking the Maven compiler plugin definition to ignore deprecations. 
firstly, during a Maven build, the deprecation output is totally ignored by everyone I'm sure,
and IDE's do a much better job of tracking these anyway, so the value to the output is just
not there.

Secondly when one has this many deprecation warnings it's actually _hiding_ any compiler errors.
 I was in a conversation with 'adragomir' on IRC last night (my time) and he was bitten by
this, because the ERROR level stuff is done first, but quickly scrolls off the screen and
becomes hidden.

If there's general agreement here, I'll raise a JIRA ticket and provide a tiny-weeny patch
to do it, or if you guys want to just do it yourself go right ahead too.


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