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From Kay Kay <kaykay.uni...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Any objection if we up RPC version when we go from 0.20.3 to 0.20.4?
Date Tue, 09 Mar 2010 01:16:37 GMT
not at all,  considering the important fixes, we get in return.

Meanwhile - it might be worthwhile to have a 'bold' mention w.r.t 
backward incompatibility ( cold restart , as opposed to a rolling one) 
in the documentation home page for 0.20.4 about this. Thanks.

On 3/8/10 4:03 PM, Stack wrote:
> Are there objections to changing the RPC version number when we
> release 0.20.4?  Changing the RPC version number will mean that a
> 0.20.4 and 0.20.3 version hbase cluster will not be able to talk to
> each other.  Updating your cluster from 0.20.3 to 0.20.4 will require
> a restart.
> Currently our RPC is brittle in that we can't add or amend methods
> without breaking the interface.  We'd like to make the interface
> tolerant of small changes.   To do this, we need to change how RPC
> identifies remote methods.  See HBASE-2219 for details.  The change in
> method identification requires that we up the RPC version so
> mismatched clients fail fast.
> If above is amenable, we'll also pull into 0.20.4 other facility such
> as the new multiput and fixes that make us less vulnerable to flapping
> dns, etc.
> Yours,
> St.Ack

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