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From Paul Smith <psm...@aconex.com>
Subject Re: Moving to Maven (HBASE-2099)
Date Sun, 14 Feb 2010 01:26:44 GMT

On 13/02/2010, at 9:11 PM, Dan Washusen wrote:

> Maven provides a "-o" argument and Ivy provides a "-Doffline=true"
> property.  I haven't used the Ivy variant but if you're using SNAPSHOT
> dependencies it makes the build a lot quicker.  I usually do an infrequent
> online build then do the rest in offline mode...
> Maven also provides a "snapshot policy" that can be used to define the
> interval between snapshot checks.  For example, "always", "daily",
> "interval:<in minutes>" or "never"...
> http://maven.apache.org/ref/2.0.8/maven-settings/settings.html#class_snapshots

As I understand it, I think the Maven default setting is no more than once or twice a day
to check for snapshot updates.  I wonder if the current ivy setting is just checking too often
at the moment? (perhaps configurable).

'mvn -U' will force an update, I think '-o' for offline is a larger hammer that shouldn't
be necessary.

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