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From stack <st...@duboce.net>
Subject An hbase 0.20.2 release?
Date Fri, 06 Nov 2009 22:26:07 GMT
Shall we put up a 0.20.2 candidate?  Below are fixes since 0.20.1.  There
are a couple of nasty bugs fixed: e.g. HBASE-1949, HBASE-1781, HBASE-1927
and HBASE-1908 in particular?

Also, do folks think it confusing putting out an hbase 0.20.2 when hadoop is
currently at 0.20.1 only? (Just asking).

Release 0.20.2 - Unreleased

   HBASE-1905  Remove unused config. hbase.hstore.blockCache.blockSize
   HBASE-1906  FilterList of prefix and columnvalue not working properly
               with deletes and multiple values
   HBASE-1896  WhileMatchFilter.reset should call encapsulated filter reset
   HBASE-1912  When adding a secondary index to an existing table, it will
               cause NPE during re-indexing (Mingjui Ray Liao via Andrew
   HBASE-1917  TestScanner.testFilters failing
   HBASE-1908  ROOT not reassigned if only one regionserver left
   HBASE-1916  FindBugs and javac warnings cleanup
   HBASE-1924  MapReduce Driver lost hsf2sf backporting hbase-1684
   HBASE-1777  column length is not checked before saved to memstore
   HBASE-1895  HConstants.MAX_ROW_LENGTH is incorrectly 64k, should be 32k
   HBASE-1925  IllegalAccessError: Has not been initialized
   HBASE-1929  If hbase-default.xml is not in CP, zk session timeout is 10
   HBASE-1927  Scanners not closed properly in certain circumstances
   HBASE-1934  NullPointerException in ClientScanner (Andrew Purtell via
   HBASE-1946  Unhandled exception at regionserver (Dmitriy Lyfar via Stack)
   HBASE-1941  Put's copy feature has a bug (Dave Latham via Stack)
   HBASE-1682  IndexedRegion does not properly handle deletes
               (Andrew McCall via Clint Morgan and Stack)
   HBASE-1953  Overhaul of overview.html (html fixes, typos, consistency) -
               no content changes (Lars Francke via Stack)
   HBASE-1954  Transactional scans do not see newest put (Clint Morgan via
   HBASE-1919  code: HRS.delete seems to ignore exceptions it shouldnt
   HBASE-1951  Stack overflow when calling HTable.checkAndPut()
               when deleting a lot of values
   HBASE-1781  Weird behavior of WildcardColumnTracker.checkColumn(),
               looks like recursive loop
   HBASE-1949  KeyValue expiration by Time-to-Live during major compaction
               broken (Gary Helmling via Stack)
   HBASE-1957  Get-s can't set a Filter (Roman Kalyakin via Stack)

   HBASE-1899  Use scanner caching in shell count
   HBASE-1903  Enable DEBUG by default
   HBASE-1918  Don't do DNS resolving in .META. scanner for each row
   HBASE-1921  When the Master's session times out and there's only one,
cluster is wedged
   HBASE-1947  If HBase starts/stops often in less than 24 hours,
               you end up with lots of store files

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