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From Jonathan Gray <jl...@streamy.com>
Subject Trunk destabilized - Commit of HBASE-1822
Date Thu, 17 Sep 2009 00:00:37 GMT
Devs (especially Clint and Tim Sell),

I just committed HBASE-1822 to 0.21 trunk. (25,000 line patch, eek)

It completely removes the old API and is an attempt at removing all 
remaining references to family:qualifier notation.  It drops the mapred 
and rest packages completely, in favor of the new mapreduce package and 
stargate.  Things like HStoreKey, RowResult, and BatchUpdate are gone.

The only remaining calls related to fam:qf notation are 
KeyValue.makeColumn(fam,qf) and KeyValue.parseColumn(col) which takes a 
byte[] and splits it on the :.  If it's just family it returns a single 
dimension only with the family in it, no :.  This switched a bit as to 
how it worked, and it's used heavily in my adapting Thrift, Stargate, 
and Transactional/Indexed to work and pass their tests after ripping out 
old API calls they were using.

Those same contrib modules (should we move thrift to contrib?) really 
need a reworking of some sort (stargate is probably fine, except some 
nastiness in tests), as they are heavily tied to the old API and their 
new API compatibility was just a bolt on.

So this may have destabilized trunk a bit.  Please file issues if you 
run into problems.

All unit tests pass.


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