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From Irfan Mohammed <irfan...@gmail.com>
Subject table data is lost after the server is restarted
Date Sat, 20 Jun 2009 01:50:51 GMT
i setup a hbase server running in a small cluster running on hbase-0.20.0-dev and hadoop-0.20.0
with the following configuration 

m1 [hadoop/master/slave] [hbase/master/slave/zookeeper]
m2 [hadoop/slave] [hbase/slave]
m3 [hadoop/slave] [hbase/slave]

when i load data into the tables using the custom map/reduce job using the attached code LoadCube.java/QTableOutputFormat.java,
the data is visible as long as the server is up. once the server is restarted, the table data
saved using this code is not there. 

there are no errors in the logs and everything seems to be fine excepting missing data. i
am suspecting that the attached code or my setup [attached the master/client conf] is causing
the issue because data inserted using "hbase shell" is there after the restart. 

any help is greatly appreciated. 

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