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From Andrew Purtell <apurt...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: OOME hell
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2008 19:56:03 GMT
> > Something I will do right away is disable blockcache.
> > It's use as I can see looking at our code is gratuitous.
> Ok.  In TRUNK we've been testing it and have fixed at
> least one bug.

Well I have to correct myself regarding blockcache. I
see from looking at HTD on the live cluster that it is no
longer enabled anywhere. 

Is it possible to disable compression on a column family
after enabling it? Wouldn't that cause subsequent reads
to return the compressed (therefore, scrambled) data? Or
would this work as intended: Old data is uncompressed 
transparently then written in uncompressed form into new
storefiles as compactions happen going forward. 

> > Also, ok based on what you say what I am experiencing
> is
> > different from what's happening on jgray's
> cluster. There is
> > plenty of available VM and minimal swapping.   
> Ok.  You have ganglia or something in place so you can see
> across time?  Weird thing about the jgray phenomeon seen
> last weds. was loads of mem and cpu but crazy swap anyways.

We do. Swap is fine. Gotta run to a catch a flight... Will
get back to this tonight/tomorrow.

   - Andy


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