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From Jim Kellerman <...@powerset.com>
Subject Java6
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2008 02:18:14 GMT
Should hbase-0.3.0 just be hbase-0.2.0 compiled against hadoop-0.18 ?

Should the functionality targeted for hbase-0.3.0 be deferred until hbase-0.4.0 ?

We need to support hadoop-0.18, however hadoop is making major changes in 0.19 such as requiring

Should we:
- not support 0.17 at all and go to 0.18?
- build a release (0.3.0) that targets hadoop-0.18 but incorporates no new features or bug

hbase-0.2.0 has had a long development cycle and it needs to be released SOON!

We need a release of hbase that supports hadoop-0.18. Should we ditch the features planned
for hbase-0.3 and make the only difference from 0.2 that it requires hadoop-0.18, and move
new features to hbase-0.4 which will target hadoop-0.19?

Jim Kellerman, Senior Engineer; Powerset

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