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From Stefan Groschupf ...@101tec.com>
Subject Re: test suite
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2008 21:14:39 GMT
> Since HBase is targeted to run on hdfs and not the local file system,
> we want to test it in its "native" environment and not a mock-up which
> might not have all the ideosynchracies of the "real thing".

Jim, I agree there should be integration tests that run against the  
hdfs  - that can run on hudon.  However there should be unit test that  
test code units of hbase not of hadoop. Those should not use the dfs  
since the idea of unit tests is not test underlaying third party  

Anyhow just a user feedback the test suite as it is today is not  
useful for me personal, since first, it never passed on my box and  
second it takes 30 min to run - so I never run it - what is not the  
idea of having a test suite and never run it during development.

Just some feedback...


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