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From bus...@apache.org
Subject [hbase] branch HBASE-20053 created (now 3694a07)
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2019 14:28:21 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

busbey pushed a change to branch HBASE-20053
in repository https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/hbase.git.

      at 3694a07  HBASE-20009 Add license header to krb5.conf

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 283e9f0  HBASE-14852 Update build env
     new 2043d73  HBASE-15078 Added ability to start/stop hbase local cluster for tests, global
test_env for gtest, small changes to dockerfile and docker run.
     new 04cd822  HBASE-14853 Add on protobuf to c++ chain
     new 0e5d453  HBASE-15401 Add Zookeeper to third party
     new 6ee3041  HBASE-14854 Read meta location from zk
     new eca1306  HBASE-15418 Clean up un-used warning in test util
     new e296d4a  HBASE-15604 Add a good readme on the build.
     new e68755f  HBASE-15649 Ignore buck-out when building docker image
     new cee55da  HBASE-15045 Keep hbase-native-client/if and hbase-protocol in sync.
     new 43511ad  HBASE-14855 Connect to regionserver
     new 8157c0c  HBASE-15690 Add utility to get current username
     new 34e8a22  HBASE-15620 Add on Call serialization
     new 3e12832  HBASE-15696 Move region location cache serialization into serde
     new 79572e1  HBASE-15718 Add on TableName implementation and tests
     new 23b0567  HBASE-15724 Use explicit docker image
     new fee42d6  HBASE-15687 Allow decoding more than GetResponse from the server
     new 81c341e  HBASE-15730 Add on script to format all .h,.cc, and BUCK files.
     new 3bde16e  HBASE-15731 Add on a connection pool
     new 37e00f0  HBASE-15739 Add region location lookup from meta
     new 986635a  HBASE-15748 Don't link in static libunwind.
     new 6364347  HBASE-15750 Add on meta deserialization
     new bf686f0  HBASE-15655 Set up doxygen for documentation
     new 255b157  HBASE-15766 Show working puts
     new bc50e78  HBASE-15777 Fix needs header in client handler
     new bb5843d  HBASE-15771 Document all the public classes
     new e74aa11  HBASE-15761 Add on more server name tests
     new ea2ef84  HBASE-15770 Stop using wangle's global executor
     new 8d6af17  HBASE-15792 Add on a test for locating a region
     new c76f45e  HBASE-15774 Fix Upgrade lock usage in connection pool.
     new bc1f6e6  HBASE-15826 Clean up ASF license issues
     new 4950377  HBASE-15823 Use call once for user util
     new 941012a  HBASE-15821 Document TestUtil
     new d91a847  HBASE-15851 Makefile update for build env
     new c36327d  HBASE-15822 Move to the latest docker base image
     new a0a242e  HBASE-15926 Added ASF headers which were missed in last commit
     new ab4f919  HBASE-15945 Patch for Cell
     new f4106d7  HBASE-16174 Hook cell test up, and fix broken cell test.
     new 2953124  HBASE-16216 Clean up source code.
     new 3542eb6  HBASE-16740 start-docker.sh fails to run by complaining bzip2 error (Xiaobing
     new 7b6f522  HBASE-15893 Get object (Sudeep Sunthankar)
     new d11320e  HBASE-17217 Docker should bind to a different port than 16010
     new c8ad62c  HBASE-16489 Configuration parsing (Sudeep Sunthankar)
     new df342b6  HBASE-17218 [C++] Use Google Style guide and cpplint
     new f7c8e61  HBASE-15902 Scan Object
     new 8549244  HBASE-17219 [C++] Reformat the code according to the style guidelines
     new f17f27f  HBASE-17218 [C++] Use Google Style guide and cpplint - ADDENDUM to add executable
bit to the script
     new 520bbe8  HBASE-17220 [C++] Address major issues from cpplint
     new a7832bf  HBASE-17051 [C++] implement RPC client and connection management (Xiaobing
     new cd23cde  HBASE-15905 Makefile build env incorrectly links in tests (Priyadharshini
karthikeyan and Sudeep Sunthankar)
     new d2ab3fb  HBASE-17283 [C++] Result class
     new 1bf3bfc  HBASE-17395 [C++] Use custom line wrapping in formatting
     new 9dd501d  HBASE-17395 [C++] Use custom line wrapping in formatting - ADDENDUM to remove
an extra '=' sign.
     new 4243ef3  HBASE-17451 [C++] HBase Request and Response Converter
     new ec7a0ff  HBASE-17463 [C++] RpcClient should close the thread pool
     new 0301acb  HBASE-17315 [C++] HBase Client and Table Implementation (Sudeep Sunthankar)
     new 105c398  HBASE-17219 [C++] Reformat the code according to the style guidelines -
ADDENDUM after HBASE-17395
     new 9f804d0  HBASE-15705 Add on meta cache (Mikhail Antonov)
     new 640a310  HBASE-17481 [C++] cpplint should use line wrapping of 100
     new bc52b8a  HBASE-17503 [C++] Configuration should be settable and used w/o XML files
     new 1179c89  HBASE-17485 [C++] Zookeeper quorum and znode lookup made configurable (Sudeep
Sunthankar & enis)
     new 07525c6  HBASE-17278 [C++] Cell Scanner and KeyValueCodec for encoding cells in RPC
(Sudeep Sunthankar and enis)
     new a294871  HBASE-17585 [C++] Use KVCodec in the RPC request/response
     new 2b350d4  HBASE-17612 [C++] Set client version info in RPC header
     new fd1c513  HBASE-17226 [C++] Filter and Query classes
     new 6fd72ac  HBASE-17629 [C++] Timeouts and retry configuration for connections
     new 7731dab  HBASE-17465 [C++] implement request retry mechanism over RPC (Xiaobing Zhou)
     new 30f3eb8  HBASE-17680 Run mini cluster through JNI in tests
     new 6c0df32  HBASE-17741 [C++] rename some files to use (dash) instead of _
     new 607021c  HBASE-17728 Create separate build target for Configuration classes
     new 2a2295e  HBASE-17466 [C++] Test cleanup and minor improvements
     new 8294aed  HBASE-17768 [C++] Makefile should recompile only the changed sources (Sudeep
     new 61f8a24  HBASE-17754 [C++] RawAsyncTable
     new e3ce7a8  Adding methods to run a stand-alone HBase instance
     new f5c2096  HBASE-17727 [C++] Make RespConverter work with RawAsyncTableImpl
     new 9443b57  HBASE-17771 [C++] Classes required for implementation of BatchCallerBuilder
     new f6a754c  HBASE-15894 [C++] Put and Mutation objects
     new ae057aa  HBASE-16365 [C++] End to end Table::Put()
     new 262e8ce  HBASE-17726 [C++] Move implementation from header to cc for request retry
     new 0784321  HBASE-17800 [C++] handle exceptions in client RPC (Xiaobing Zhou and Enis
     new 86ab957  HBASE-17576 [C++] Implement request retry mechanism over RPC for Multi calls.
(Sudeep Sunthankar)
     new ab5d61a  HBASE-17860 Implement secure native client connection
     new 934e02e  HBASE-15602 Clean up using directives in cc files.
     new 2ee1143  HBASE-15903 Delete Object
     new 6e45e34  HBASE-17860 Implement secure native client connection - ADDENDUM to remove
     new bd567d9  HBASE-15903 Delete Object - addnedum makes PutGetDelete robust
     new ee2e48e  HBASE-15903 Delete Object - addnedum moves misplaced sleep
     new 91e2d1b  HBASE-18153 [C++] Add valgrind to the docker image
     new a5ea1ae  HBASE-18126 Increment class
     new 35b8e6c  HBASE-18126 Increment class - addendum creates TestToStringToInt64 in bytes-util-test
     new 452ce7a  HBASE-17907 [C++] End to end Scans from Client/Table
     new 2507ff0  HBASE-18126 Increment class - addendum changes table name for test
     new b7da1ea  HBASE-18173 Append class
     new a0650d8  HBASE-18173 Append class - Addendum to fix formatting
     new 039b400  HBASE-18174 Implement Table#checkAndPut()
     new 2a0345d  HBASE-18188 [C++] Fix Handling do not retry exceptions
     new 3fb9e02  HBASE-18178 [C++] Retrying meta location lookup and zookeeper connection
     new f429885  HBASE-18210 Implement Table#checkAndDelete()
     new f6f4c34  HBASE-18236 [C++] Add batching and reporting to simple-client
     new 7cd0060  HBASE-18214 Replace the folly::AtomicHashMap usage in the RPC layer
     new 6a4a0a7  HBASE-18400 [C++] ConnectionId Equals/Hash should consider service_name
(Xiaobing Zhou)
     new f527a00  HBASE-18400 [C++] ConnectionId Equals/Hash should consider service_name
(Xiaobing Zhou) - ADDENDUM to reformat the code.
     new 666d753  HBASE-18061 [C++] Fix retry logic in multi-get calls (Sudeep Sunthankar)
     new d45d241  HBASE-18338 [C++] Implement RpcTestServer (Xiaobing Zhou)
     new 78f2563  HBASE-18407 [C++] make Configuration::Set/GetBool work for both true/false
and 1/0 (Xiaobing Zhou)
     new 40cca91  HBASE-18086 Create native client which creates load on selected cluster
     new d855670  HBASE-18371 [C++] Update folly and wangle dependencies
     new 1c0ddc8  HBASE-18338 [C++] Implement RpcTestServer - ADDENDUM to fix rsync for new
proto files
     new 941cf43  HBASE-18466. [C++] Support handling exception in RpcTestServer
     new 0d65156  HBASE-18459 [C++] Fix Segfault in location-cache
     new 840218a  HBASE-18536. [C++] Add fault injection infra
     new af9ac38  HBASE-18078. [C++] Harden RPC by handling various communication abnormalities
     new 4e6fcd1  HBASE-18564 [C++] Problems compiling with GCC
     new df48abb  HBASE-18537 [C++] Improvements to load-client
     new 62507a8  HBASE-18565 [C++] Fix deadlock in AsyncScanRetryingCaller and other RPCs
     new 9fe0209  HBASE-18576. [C++] Add ping for RPC test
     new 47d6b9f  HBASE-18579 Enable core dump by default for docker
     new da8ba22  HBASE-18579 Enable core dump by default for docker -revert
     new f6cde6e  HBASE-18603 buck complains about Build target path containing double slash
     new 7f536c8  HBASE-18578 [C++] Add pause for RPC test
     new 929bbd6  HBASE-18204 [C++] Rpc connection close and reconnecting
     new c70f3f8  HBASE-18728 [C++] The library should be named libHBaseClient, instead of
     new 647b0f8  HBASE-18507 [C++] Support for MultiPuts in AsyncBatchRpcRetryingCaller class
(Sudeep Sunthankar)
     new 09b54c8  HBASE-18720 [C++] Update wangle dependency to pick up the new release with
Apache License v2
     new c430832  HBASE-18777 Create one table for subtests in multi-retry-test
     new 9ec0bb4  HBASE-18579 Enable core dump by default for docker
     new e31f597  HBASE-18727 [C++] Don't link JNI/JVM stuff into libHbaseClient
     new cee82ef  HBASE-18802 [C++] Remove hbase-macros.h
     new c80ec56  HBASE-18725 [C++] Install header files as well as library
     new d75430d  HBASE-18725 [C++] Install header files as well as library - ADDENDUM to
only install .h files for if/
     new 3904b62  HBASE-18861 [C++] Use boost::optional instead of std::experimental::optional
     new bb3dd6a  HBASE-18901 [C++] Provide CMAKE infrastructure
     new 3694a07  HBASE-20009 Add license header to krb5.conf

The 132 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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