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From git-site-r...@apache.org
Subject [45/51] [partial] hbase-site git commit: Published site at .
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2017 15:16:35 GMT
diff --git a/apidocs/src-html/org/apache/hadoop/hbase/CellComparator.html b/apidocs/src-html/org/apache/hadoop/hbase/CellComparator.html
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..5685dfa
--- /dev/null
+++ b/apidocs/src-html/org/apache/hadoop/hbase/CellComparator.html
@@ -0,0 +1,197 @@
+<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd">
+<html lang="en">
+<title>Source code</title>
+<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../../../../../stylesheet.css" title="Style">
+<div class="sourceContainer">
+<pre><span class="sourceLineNo">001</span>/*<a name="line.1"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">002</span> * Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation
(ASF) under one<a name="line.2"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">003</span> * or more contributor license agreements.
 See the NOTICE file<a name="line.3"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">004</span> * distributed with this work for additional
information<a name="line.4"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">005</span> * regarding copyright ownership.  The ASF
licenses this file<a name="line.5"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">006</span> * to you under the Apache License, Version
2.0 (the<a name="line.6"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">007</span> * "License"); you may not use this file
except in compliance<a name="line.7"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">008</span> * with the License.  You may obtain a copy
of the License at<a name="line.8"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">009</span> *<a name="line.9"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">010</span> *     http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0<a
+<span class="sourceLineNo">011</span> *<a name="line.11"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">012</span> * Unless required by applicable law or
agreed to in writing, software<a name="line.12"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">013</span> * distributed under the License is distributed
on an "AS IS" BASIS,<a name="line.13"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">014</span> * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY
KIND, either express or implied.<a name="line.14"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">015</span> * See the License for the specific language
governing permissions and<a name="line.15"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">016</span> * limitations under the License.<a name="line.16"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">017</span> */<a name="line.17"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">018</span>package org.apache.hadoop.hbase;<a name="line.18"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">019</span><a name="line.19"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">020</span>import java.util.Comparator;<a name="line.20"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">021</span><a name="line.21"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">022</span>import org.apache.yetus.audience.InterfaceAudience;<a
+<span class="sourceLineNo">023</span>import org.apache.yetus.audience.InterfaceStability;<a
+<span class="sourceLineNo">024</span>/**<a name="line.24"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">025</span> * Comparator for comparing cells and has
some specialized methods that allows comparing individual<a name="line.25"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">026</span> * cell components like row, family, qualifier
and timestamp<a name="line.26"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">027</span> */<a name="line.27"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">028</span>@InterfaceAudience.Public<a name="line.28"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">029</span>@InterfaceStability.Evolving<a name="line.29"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">030</span>public interface CellComparator extends
Comparator&lt;Cell&gt; {<a name="line.30"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">031</span>  /**<a name="line.31"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">032</span>   * A comparator for ordering cells in
user-space tables. Useful when writing cells in sorted<a name="line.32"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">033</span>   * order as necessary for bulk import
(i.e. via MapReduce)<a name="line.33"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">034</span>   * &lt;p&gt;<a name="line.34"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">035</span>   * CAUTION: This comparator may provide
inaccurate ordering for cells from system tables,<a name="line.35"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">036</span>   * and should not be relied upon in that
case.<a name="line.36"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">037</span>   */<a name="line.37"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">038</span>  static CellComparator getInstance() {<a
+<span class="sourceLineNo">039</span>    return CellComparatorImpl.COMPARATOR;<a
+<span class="sourceLineNo">040</span>  }<a name="line.40"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">041</span><a name="line.41"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">042</span>  /**<a name="line.42"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">043</span>   * Lexographically compares two cells.
The key part of the cell is taken for comparison which<a name="line.43"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">044</span>   * includes row, family, qualifier, timestamp
and type<a name="line.44"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">045</span>   * @param leftCell the left hand side
cell<a name="line.45"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">046</span>   * @param rightCell the right hand side
cell<a name="line.46"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">047</span>   * @return greater than 0 if leftCell
is bigger, less than 0 if rightCell is bigger, 0 if both<a name="line.47"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">048</span>   *         cells are equal<a name="line.48"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">049</span>   */<a name="line.49"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">050</span>  @Override<a name="line.50"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">051</span>  int compare(Cell leftCell, Cell rightCell);<a
+<span class="sourceLineNo">052</span><a name="line.52"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">053</span>  /**<a name="line.53"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">054</span>   * Lexographically compares the rows of
two cells.<a name="line.54"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">055</span>   * @param leftCell the left hand side
cell<a name="line.55"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">056</span>   * @param rightCell the right hand side
cell<a name="line.56"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">057</span>   * @return greater than 0 if leftCell
is bigger, less than 0 if rightCell is bigger, 0 if both<a name="line.57"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">058</span>   *         cells are equal<a name="line.58"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">059</span>   */<a name="line.59"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">060</span>  int compareRows(Cell leftCell, Cell rightCell);<a
+<span class="sourceLineNo">061</span><a name="line.61"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">062</span>  /**<a name="line.62"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">063</span>   * Compares the row part of the cell with
a simple plain byte[] like the<a name="line.63"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">064</span>   * stopRow in Scan.<a name="line.64"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">065</span>   * @param cell the cell<a name="line.65"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">066</span>   * @param bytes the byte[] representing
the row to be compared with<a name="line.66"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">067</span>   * @param offset the offset of the byte[]<a
+<span class="sourceLineNo">068</span>   * @param length the length of the byte[]<a
+<span class="sourceLineNo">069</span>   * @return greater than 0 if leftCell
is bigger, less than 0 if rightCell is bigger, 0 if both<a name="line.69"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">070</span>   *         cells are equal<a name="line.70"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">071</span>   */<a name="line.71"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">072</span>  int compareRows(Cell cell, byte[] bytes,
int offset, int length);<a name="line.72"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">073</span><a name="line.73"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">074</span>  /**<a name="line.74"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">075</span>   * Lexographically compares the two cells
excluding the row part. It compares family, qualifier,<a name="line.75"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">076</span>   * timestamp and the type<a name="line.76"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">077</span>   * @param leftCell the left hand side
cell<a name="line.77"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">078</span>   * @param rightCell the right hand side
cell<a name="line.78"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">079</span>   * @return greater than 0 if leftCell
is bigger, less than 0 if rightCell is bigger, 0 if both<a name="line.79"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">080</span>   *         cells are equal<a name="line.80"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">081</span>   */<a name="line.81"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">082</span>  int compareWithoutRow(Cell leftCell, Cell
rightCell);<a name="line.82"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">083</span><a name="line.83"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">084</span>  /**<a name="line.84"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">085</span>   * Lexographically compares the families
of the two cells<a name="line.85"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">086</span>   * @param leftCell the left hand side
cell<a name="line.86"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">087</span>   * @param rightCell the right hand side
cell<a name="line.87"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">088</span>   * @return greater than 0 if leftCell
is bigger, less than 0 if rightCell is bigger, 0 if both<a name="line.88"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">089</span>   *         cells are equal<a name="line.89"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">090</span>   */<a name="line.90"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">091</span>  int compareFamilies(Cell leftCell, Cell
rightCell);<a name="line.91"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">092</span><a name="line.92"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">093</span>  /**<a name="line.93"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">094</span>   * Lexographically compares the qualifiers
of the two cells<a name="line.94"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">095</span>   * @param leftCell the left hand side
cell<a name="line.95"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">096</span>   * @param rightCell the right hand side
cell<a name="line.96"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">097</span>   * @return greater than 0 if leftCell
is bigger, less than 0 if rightCell is bigger, 0 if both<a name="line.97"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">098</span>   *         cells are equal<a name="line.98"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">099</span>   */<a name="line.99"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">100</span>  int compareQualifiers(Cell leftCell, Cell
rightCell);<a name="line.100"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">101</span><a name="line.101"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">102</span>  /**<a name="line.102"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">103</span>   * Compares cell's timestamps in DESCENDING
order. The below older timestamps sorting ahead of<a name="line.103"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">104</span>   * newer timestamps looks wrong but it
is intentional. This way, newer timestamps are first found<a name="line.104"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">105</span>   * when we iterate over a memstore and
newer versions are the first we trip over when reading from<a name="line.105"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">106</span>   * a store file.<a name="line.106"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">107</span>   * @param leftCell the left hand side
cell<a name="line.107"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">108</span>   * @param rightCell the right hand side
cell<a name="line.108"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">109</span>   * @return 1 if left's timestamp &amp;lt;
right's timestamp -1 if left's timestamp &amp;gt; right's<a name="line.109"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">110</span>   *         timestamp 0 if both timestamps
are equal<a name="line.110"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">111</span>   */<a name="line.111"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">112</span>  int compareTimestamps(Cell leftCell, Cell
rightCell);<a name="line.112"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">113</span><a name="line.113"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">114</span>  /**<a name="line.114"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">115</span>   * Compares cell's timestamps in DESCENDING
order. The below older timestamps sorting ahead of<a name="line.115"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">116</span>   * newer timestamps looks wrong but it
is intentional. This way, newer timestamps are first found<a name="line.116"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">117</span>   * when we iterate over a memstore and
newer versions are the first we trip over when reading from<a name="line.117"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">118</span>   * a store file.<a name="line.118"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">119</span>   * @param leftCellts the left cell's timestamp<a
+<span class="sourceLineNo">120</span>   * @param rightCellts the right cell's
timestamp<a name="line.120"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">121</span>   * @return 1 if left's timestamp &amp;lt;
right's timestamp -1 if left's timestamp &amp;gt; right's<a name="line.121"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">122</span>   *         timestamp 0 if both timestamps
are equal<a name="line.122"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">123</span>   */<a name="line.123"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">124</span>  int compareTimestamps(long leftCellts,
long rightCellts);<a name="line.124"></a>
+<span class="sourceLineNo">125</span>}<a name="line.125"></a>

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