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From Apache Jenkins Server <jenk...@builds.apache.org>
Subject Build failed in Jenkins: HBase-Trunk_matrix » JDK 1.8 (latest),(Hadoop && !H5) #4070
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2017 22:09:00 GMT
See <https://builds.apache.org/job/HBase-Trunk_matrix/jdk=JDK%201.8%20(latest),label=(Hadoop%20&&%20!H5)/4070/display/redirect?page=changes>


[appy] HBASE-19271 Update ref guide about the async client to reflect the

[stack] HBASE-19269 Reenable TestShellRSGroups

[appy] HBASE-19114 Split out o.a.h.h.zookeeper from hbase-server and

[stack] HBASE-19260 Add lock back to avoid parallel accessing meta to locate

Started by upstream project "HBase-Trunk_matrix" build number 4070
originally caused by:
 Started by timer
[EnvInject] - Loading node environment variables.
Building remotely on H14 (Hadoop xenial) in workspace <https://builds.apache.org/job/HBase-Trunk_matrix/jdk=JDK%201.8%20(latest),label=(Hadoop%20&&%20!H5)/ws/>
 > git rev-parse --is-inside-work-tree # timeout=10
Fetching changes from the remote Git repository
 > git config remote.origin.url https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/hbase.git # timeout=10
Cleaning workspace
 > git rev-parse --verify HEAD # timeout=10
Resetting working tree
 > git reset --hard # timeout=10
 > git clean -fdx # timeout=10
Fetching upstream changes from https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/hbase.git
 > git --version # timeout=10
 > git fetch --tags --progress https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/hbase.git +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
Checking out Revision 777b653b45e54c89dd69e86eff2b261054465623 (refs/remotes/origin/master)
 > git config core.sparsecheckout # timeout=10
 > git checkout -f 777b653b45e54c89dd69e86eff2b261054465623
Commit message: "HBASE-19260 Add lock back to avoid parallel accessing meta to locate region"
 > git rev-list e8ae6d4b73191a7ce03c99bccc4eb45b611ce844 # timeout=10
[EnvInject] - Executing scripts and injecting environment variables after the SCM step.
[EnvInject] - Injecting as environment variables the properties content 
export=MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx6100M -XX:-UsePerfData"

[EnvInject] - Variables injected successfully.
[11c72c70] $ /bin/bash -xe /tmp/jenkins1649316047427789920.sh
+ which java
+ java -version
java version "1.8.0_152"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_152-b16)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.152-b16, mixed mode)
+ ulimit -a
core file size          (blocks, -c) 0
data seg size           (kbytes, -d) unlimited
scheduling priority             (-e) 0
file size               (blocks, -f) unlimited
pending signals                 (-i) 386417
max locked memory       (kbytes, -l) 64
max memory size         (kbytes, -m) unlimited
open files                      (-n) 60000
pipe size            (512 bytes, -p) 8
POSIX message queues     (bytes, -q) 819200
real-time priority              (-r) 0
stack size              (kbytes, -s) 8192
cpu time               (seconds, -t) unlimited
max user processes              (-u) 10240
virtual memory          (kbytes, -v) unlimited
file locks                      (-x) unlimited
+ echo 'Listing of other java processes on this box'
Listing of other java processes on this box
+ jps -v
+ rm -rf /tmp/hbase-jenkins/hbase
rm: cannot remove '/tmp/hbase-jenkins/hbase/oldWALs': Permission denied
rm: cannot remove '/tmp/hbase-jenkins/hbase/corrupt': Permission denied
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
Performing Post build task...
Match found for :.* : True
Logical operation result is TRUE
Running script  : # Run zombie detector script
./dev-support/zombie-detector.sh --jenkins ${BUILD_ID}
[11c72c70] $ /bin/bash -xe /tmp/jenkins6168432505313338917.sh
+ ./dev-support/zombie-detector.sh --jenkins 4070
Fri Nov 17 22:08:58 UTC 2017 We're ok: there is no zombie test

    {color:green}+1 zombies{color}. No zombie tests found running at the end of the build.
Archiving artifacts
[Fast Archiver] No prior successful build to compare, so performing full copy of artifacts
Recording test results
ERROR: Step ?Publish JUnit test result report? failed: No test report files were found. Configuration
[FINDBUGS] Skipping publisher since build result is FAILURE
[CHECKSTYLE] Skipping publisher since build result is FAILURE

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