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From 来熊 <yin....@163.com>
Subject select statement got error : read beyond eof in table xxx
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2016 07:56:10 GMT
hi, all:
 I am using hawq 1.3.1 .I got a problem these days:

when I load data to table ,I got an error like this:
append only storage write could not open segment file hdfs://test-1:8020/gpsql/gpseg7/16385/16561/16794.129
for relation 'caca' device or resource busy
(cdbappendonlystoragewrite.c 397)  ...(cdbdisp.c 1574)
Failed to APPEND_FILE /gpsql/gpseg7/1685/16561/16794.129 for libhdfs3_client_random_130556199_count_1_tid_140xxxxxxx
on test-2 
because another recovery is in progress by HDFS_NameNode on test-2.

when I query data from table : select * from caca limit 1;
I got an another error:
read beyond eof in table caca (cdbbufferedread.c 201) ... (cdbdisp.c 1574)..

anyone have meet this? Please help. 

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